We as a world right now are fearful.
All it takes is to turn on the news, walk through the grocery store, or look at the empty streets.
There is fear all around us and even if we are personally staying calm the energy is still contagious.

What’s the fear???
At the end of the day it comes down to death.
Death from a virus.
Death from hunger.
Death of life as we know it. 

Though, last night while watching a show I was reminded again for the dozenth time over the last two weeks of how our fear should not be for death but instead for the unlived life.

We are in fear… YES.
That’s okay.
Fear is a normal and natural emotion.

But are you letting it consume you?

Each day we have a chance of dying. It’s being human.
Though each day we get through the day but are we LIVING?

Right now I look around and we aren’t living.
We can’t make eye contact with our neighbors in the stores
We aren’t loving on those in our own homes
We are fighting and hoarding negativity
We aren’t letting our children play outside

This is not living.
Living is laughing
Living is sharing and abundance
Living is loving those in our lives and around us
Living is about connection

It doesn’t mean that we have to balk every system just to say we did and it doesn’t mean that we can’t take precautions in this time.
Or in any time.

But it means that we most importantly have to be present in our own lives and learn to not sweat the small stuff so much. It means refocusing your mind every time the stray to the negativity. It means creating your own joy, happiness, and love since this is an inside game.

Newsflash, we are all going to die sometime! Though my question to you is that whenever that time comes…

Do you want to have spent your last few days and weeks having lived in fear, shut down, and complete disconnection? Having gotten into petty arguments with those you love and care about or just having spread additional fear?

I can’t speak for you.

Though I know that I desire to live my life.
I desire to share all the love that is in my heart with those around me and spend time laughing and connecting with loved ones.
I desire to brighten someone’s day with a smile and share an energy of abundance instead of lack.

These times tell us a lot about who we are and so I ask you to look at yourself and see how you are showing up.

If today was your end… would you be pleased with the energy you left behind yesterday?

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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