Ignoring it, hiding, pretending it’s not happening…
Isn’t going to fix it
It’s not going to go away because you hide in the shadows
Or simply just don’t want to deal.
Choosing not to choose is a choice!


It’s saying to God that you aren’t willing to step up into your power
It’s telling the world that you will be it’s puppet and be pushed this way and that
And that life you desire…. Well kiss that shit goodbye!

Those who deeply desire, do not ignore
They stand in their power
They claim their lives
They claim their bliss

And then they don’t settle for anything less
They take a deep breath and dive in
They do their internal work to get the ease and flow

They work on changing their thoughts, beliefs, and finding everyday bliss to build up a beautiful vibration. They don’t sit in the shit and ignore hoping that it will magically disappear. Because it won’t!


I don’t believe our lives require us to ‘work hard’…
We can create beautiful lives from flow, authenticity, and calling in our desires.
But it does require us to be present and to breathe in the things that are flowing into our reality. To know that whatever is coming into our worlds… we created.

The good
The bad
The blissful
The blistering

But whatever it is we have to face it
And face it with love, faith, and certainty

Hide in your shell if you choose but don’t bitch about all that you miss!
Don’t look back in 10 years and make excuses
You make change and a new life..
Every day
Every minute
Every moment!

Choose Love
Choose Light
And Choose Bliss!


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