I’m a High Maintenance Woman… 💃
The most magnetic, interesting, dynamic women are high maintenance. 🔥👩‍🎤💅
I look around at the women that shine the most light and they are women that are focused on maintaining self.
I hear men share that they don’t desire a high maintenance woman all the time but what does that really mean??

* Unemotional?
* Non-communicative
* Masculine?
Often this statement feels like a contradiction because men desire someone that takes pride in themselves and can stand strong in the feminine energy.
A feminine truly connected to her feminine power will have high internal standards for herself and that includes expectations of energy and connectivity from those in her life.
Where we go astray on this topic is when we/a woman is high maintenance and low vibrational.
This is when a woman is not able to fill herself in any way, not able to communicate her boundaries, insecure, and basically…
Wounded and not doing the healing work.
High-Vibe, High-Maintenance women are the ones that shine the brightest and have the most to share with the world.
Don’t run from being High Maintenance….
Or calling one of these women into your life.
Strive for the High Vibrational energy that changes where that energy is focused and centered.
And as always…
🔥🔥Grab the Fire Within 🔥🔥
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