Did you know I’m blind…
Not just figuratively (which I can be that too) but actually legally blind.
The other day I mentioned something about this to someone in my life that has known me a very long time. She was shocked!
She never knew and assumed that I had normal vision and didn’t realize the little things that I need to reconfigure throughout my day…
* How I drive my car
* How I put my makeup on
* The angle to which I hold my head
* And a million other little things I myself don’t even realize I do to compensate.
I’ve been blind in one of my eyes since almost birth and while on the outside it takes a lot to notice, internally from a brain level I must operate very differently.
And in truth, I barely think about it. It’s my norm and always has been.
Yet, there are other things that at times weigh heavy on my shoulders and no one can see the burden. They don’t see what I feel like I am carrying on my shoulders.
The trick is that I can look at someone else and not see the weight and “blindness” in their own lives.
We never know what someone else is holding.
Even if we are open and caring. Do all the loving inquiries.
We can never know what it feels like to hold that weight, live that life, from those past experiences.
It is so easy to look at another persons beliefs, lifestyle, and choices and think we have a full grasp of understanding. And yet we can only do the best we can to open our minds to seeing from another’s perspective and realizing that even the person with the “perfect” life is going through struggles you know nothing about.
It is like me talking about seeing from one eye when all my friends have two. They could try to create that experience but everything down to my brain functioning is different.
It’s not about always fully understanding another’s perspective because you will never entirely understand. It’s about giving more grace to those in your life and coming at everyone from a greater space of compassion.
This isn’t some grand kum ba ya.
Get upset, hold boundaries, see what’s right and wrong in your own life.
But understand that you don’t see the whole picture. It’s simply not your picture to see entirely!
Though before we write someone off because we would have done it differently… or seen it differently… or reacted differently… we can stop to remember that we all see it differently and are carrying the weight of the world a little differently.
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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