I’m done.

Yup, done with my own bullshit. 

I just decided. 

It took me a whole 30 seconds to make the decision.

And just move onwards. 

I had spent days noticing the wobble in my own inner vibration.

Feeling good overall but having moments of the inner critic.

I breathed through and gave myself a few days to process through

So when I awoke this morning and the first 3 things to my conscious brain were negative. 

I was like…


Enough of this bullshit wobbly energy

Enough of this bullshit inner critic 

Enough of buying into my own crap!


No more processing

No more breathing into it

No more giving my ego space

I am not available today for this! 

I closed my eyes again and chose again. 

A few minutes of gratitude

A few minutes of embodiment

A few minutes of a positivity meditation. 

I got up and journaled my little butt off because it’s my favorite part of my morning.

And BAM!

The whole vibe had changed. 

I changed my vibe to the next level and from that decision point on nothing but flow based amazingness has entered my world. 

It took me coming to a point of no longer making myself available for my own bullshit. Because in truth it was all bullshit. Nothing horribly, massively, life-changing has happened that would need to be processed at a super deep level. No, it was time for me to just stop stepping into my own ego. 

And it was that simple. 

A decision!

Now it took me getting frustrated enough with the last two days of constantly ruining my own high vibe with these underlying stories that don’t help anything! It took me truly being at a point but then there is a decision. 

Am I going to keep stepping into this and thus allowing my energy to spiral? 


Just be done with it. 

So, I’m done. 

And have a day that has been freaking fantastic!!! 

Just because of my decision to be done with it. 

What’s your decision today?

Are you in your own bullshit 


Are you choosing the higher vibe thoughts?

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings