The INSTANTLY ORGASMIC Woman Online Workshop!


Are you wanting to find your orgasm? Your bliss? Your deepest level of pleasure?

You’re not ALONE!

“A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover”- David Deida

  • Do you want HOT ORGASMIC Sex?
  • Do you want to Orgasm for Hours?
  • Do you want to be Above Ordinary in the bedroom??? 
  • Do you want to feel Sexy & Free???
  • Do you want to remove the Blocks to your Sexing??? 
  • Do you want you want to feel Full and Blissful???


A woman that is not having not just enough sex but the proper Sex will suffer with:

**Anxiety & Depression

**Mood Swings


**Weight gain

 I usually only teach these secrets to my Private Clients but now I am opening it up to YOU!


You will learn the guaranteed way to get you experiencing orgasm.

Before you ask…. YES, ALL WOMEN CAN ORGASM! And that includes YOU!

BUT, I do want to teach you to have any old orgasms. HELL NO!

You deserve Mind-blowing, Soul-shaking, Body-Quivering Orgasms that last as long as you please!

As a woman you are built like the Energizer Bunny…. You can keep going, and going, and going for hours if you desire. Learn about the different varieties of orgasm and how to get them for yourself.

Here is what you get in Training: 

Live Training w/ Q&A Session on 

January 30th @ 6pm CST


  • 2.5+ LIVE Recorded Global Training
  • LIVE Recorded Q & A Session
  • Lifetime Access of Course
  • 12 Coursework Downloads
  • TOP SECRET Exercises to make your Orgasm Dreams Come True!
  • Hidden Bonus Materials

This material cost $1,500+ when working 1:1 with me BUT

 I want to help as many people possible... 

You’re getting it for $96!!!

This course has reestablished my sex drive! I was totally disconnected before taking this course and now me and my husband are having TRUE intimacy once again. Thank you Addison!

Wendy, 42

I never knew how good an orgasm could get until this class! It has changed my entire outlook on sex with my partner. The way Addison explains the material is easy to understand and apply.

Andrea, 39