(dup) Meet Addison K. Bell

(dup) Meet Addison K. Bell

You want it! You can feel it in your very bones! You know it’s within your grasp.
You refuse to give up and keep pushing through with a loving, warrior badass spirit!
There are always more things to learn, place and ideas to explore, and personal victories to achieve.
I see you! You can’t hide your MAGIC!
I see you constantly striving for more in your life. I see how your eyes sparkle when you talk about your dreams. You walk around with a beautiful vibe all your own.
I see you and I know your heart that is filled with the most magnificent light and love! 
You adore growth and know that you were made for more and don’t give up and don’t give in.
Your heart yearns for a life where each day is filled with joy, connection to self, and to others. I see and want to guide you to see the powerful energy of your sex, your heart, and your spirit.

Your whole life you’ve never quite fit in. You never really felt like you were really meant for this place. A little too much of this and not enough of that.
You hid, you fought, you hardened, and somewhere along the way you changed.
You buried that beautiful Warrior Spirit under a thick society acceptable disguise.
Now you are waking up again and are ready to really own who you are. You are ready to jump in and claim your place in this world. In your sex. In your relationships. In your work. And in yourself.
You’re working on your Masterpiece!
The Masterpiece of creating your blissful life that is filled with JOY, LOVE, SENSUALITY, and all that your great big heart desires. !
A person that isn’t going to settle for the ordinary and mundane but instead is always striving for MORE!!!
?More Love..
?More Sensuality…
?More Connection…
?More Knowledge…

A person just like me!

?Yes, you are unique!
?Yes, you are determined!
?Yes, you have a beautiful spirit!
?Yes, you know there is more to life!


You are a warrior for your own spirit and the spirits of everyone around you.
You know all of these things but haven’t figured out how to make it happen! How to integrate all the different pieces of your life to make it pure Ecstasy!
Right now, you have everything disconnected. Separated.
The spiritual…The sexual…The body… The relationships…. Even your core that is pure LOVE!
I want to guide you! I want to show you the way. To have it all come together in a more magnificent way then you’ve even dream. 

Are you going to dive in and answer the call of your spirit, your sex, your dreams, and your desires?


A true Badass Spirit Warrior would!


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Namasté, I’m Addison!

I’m a Sex/Relationship Coach/Educator,  Tantric practitioner, & Badass Influencer!

I have Master’s degrees, A cabinet full of certifications, and spent years working as a Licensed Therapist but…

What I really want you to know about me is:

I am a Sexual Goddess, an Orgasm Scholar, a Lover of Life, and a Spiritual Seeker!

My life purpose is to guide people to love themselves at a deeper level and integrate all aspects of themselves. Sex, Body, Mind, Spirit, & Even YES Their Badass Attitudes!!

I don’t work with ANYONE!! I choose to work with those that desire to take charge of their lives!

Those that are Passionate!

Those that are Purposeful!

Those that are Soulful!

I will push you! I will challenge you… but even more so I hope to inspire you! And I promise to love you along the journey!

I truly believe that YOU can have an Orgasmic, Mind-blowing, Juicy Life if you want it!

Take the Plunge Into Your New Life Today!