Can you perceive this moment, this relationship, this body you’re in, yourself… from a space of love?

Okay, okay…

I know you might already be wanting to scroll past because you’ve heard it before.

We are all at our cores love.

It’s true but can also sometimes, especially when we are having a difficult time, sounds cliché.

Thinking that it means that we go from hard to swallow feelings or situations that shake us to our core to…
Being a little f*cking ray of sunshine with rainbows shooting out your a*s.
Filled with love and light.

When that would mean that we are disconnecting from our humanness and in truth brushing the lessons and learnings from our life and emotions away.
We always have something to learn from any emotion, situation or relationship.

Plus the truth is it’s not possible to go from a low level emotion to popping into the highest level emotion of love with any stability.

You are either high-vibing or you’re not!
There is no faking vibration.

However, as I was re-reading “The Universe Has Your Back” and a new Audible Original “You Are the Guru” by Gabrielle Bernstein…

I was reminded of the thing I share with my clients often all and something that I myself am not immune from needing reminding…

That when you simply choose to perceive your situation in a new light, then that is when change and your lessons (and this blessings) can come forth. It’s not about being sub-human and not recognizing your low vibe emotions or sucky belief systems. It’s simply about not getting stuck in those emotions and ego traps.

And what better to try to change our perception but to see your life through the eyes of love.

And as a Sex & Relationships Coach I must say… your relationships with EVERYONE in your life.

The people and situations are there for a reason to be a mirroring opportunity and in truth most people are not walking around with an intention of doing you harm. The average person is WAY WAY too caught up in the drama of their own life to plot and plan out how to mess yours up!

Most people in your life are wanting to connect…
Love and be loved.

Sometimes we are just too wounded and blocked to be able to show up in our lives in that manner without a conscious choice.

Though if we daily set an intention to see our lives and everything that flows in and out of our lives from a space of love then we immediately up the vibe.
We can’t help but bring just a bit more compassion and interconnectedness into the moment.

We also will begin to manifest from this intention since that is our viewpoint… LOVE.

Now you can still honor yourself and a moment of misalignment from your self…

But then once you’ve recognized and honored that a person or experience has a lesson to teach you, then you can try filtering and asking yourself…

How can I perceive this through a lens of love?
(Thank you Gabby for that statement)

There is great power in our shift into love!

Recover Your Life my Beauties!
And that start with connecting to love.



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