Every day
Every hour
Every minute
& Every second…
You give a piece of your life away. This is how the story goes, no matter who you are or what you do with those days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

You are always giving your life away for something!
You give your life away for the time wasters
You give your life away for the moments of connection
You give your life away for the anger that you hold
You give your life away for a job that you might not enjoy
You give your life away for meaningless sex
The fact is that no matter what you are giving your life for… you are indeed giving your life to something.
My question is… Is what you are choosing to give your life away too worth it? Is it aligned for your soul?
Is it something you desire and that brings you incredible amounts of joy? Does it put a fire in your belly?
Or are you like the average mundane person…
Giving your life for things that are just another way to get through the day? Jobs, connections, and activities that feel like they are on repeat and never get you closer to your goals?
The truth is that unless we decide what we are going to give our lives for, then we never have a focus.
It is like sending a ship out without any navigation. It could end up anywhere and would likely not end up at its intended desire. While if you give the boat something to shoot for and a navigation system then, it might not end up at its exact point of intent but it will be much more apt to get close to its desired location. It will have purpose and will waste less time floating around aimlessly.
You are this boat!
If you don’t choose what your life is going to be about…
The world will decide for you!
This goes way beyond specific goals, dreams, and especially beyond material possessions.
This is what you want the underlying message and intent of your life to be!
Even if you are living the 9-5 life… don’t have the relationships you desire… don’t have the finances for your goals…etc, etc, etc.
You can still have an intent for your day and you can also choose to not keep living your life for the things that don’t fill you. You can choose to make daily choices to move you away from the things you no longer want to give your life up to.
I personally choose to give my life to my message and to sharing my heart and holding space for other’s hearts. I choose to give my life for great connections and a freedom that I get when I am just being me. I give my life away to LOVE. I give my life away to my greater dreams and goals for my business and then I work my butt off but also in a sense of flow to follow inspired action. I choose to give my life away for my spirits highest good.
And some days I fall short. And some days I exceed my own expectations. But the fact is that I am giving my life away for things that I want and desire. I am giving my life away for the legacy I want to leave.
Though this means that I don’t give my life away to a ton of small talk, television, and each and every day less and less to crazy ego thoughts. It means a practice, that sometimes I resist, of journaling and looking deeper within to analyze my course. It’s kicking my own ass when I realize that I have spent hours, days, or weeks drifting into things that I don’t choose to give my life for and then redirecting.
Now, if you are wanting to give your entire life to “Netflix & Chill” and this is what you truly desire. OR you want to just make the money and get through the day, then…
#1 You probably should stop wasting time reading my stuff and unfollow me
#2 I would encourage you to ask yourself if that is truly going to make you happy at the end of your days and is this your soul goals.
#3 That’s also your choice! You get to give your life for anything you want. You choose what you give to give your life to, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.
You choose what you are giving your life for and the truth is that not making a choice is making a choice!
Take a second to stop and think what you truly are giving your life for and if this is your true hearts desire!
Then make alterations to your course if you need!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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