Hello expansion warrior
Hello growth junkie
Hello inner explorer
I know each and every day you wake up wanting more for yourself and for your life.
I know you see that you are the proprietor of your own happiness
I know you see that your thoughts and therefore your beliefs are where the change needs to happen…

But are you focusing too much?
Are you trying to change your thoughts and beliefs so much that you are just buying right back into them?
Are you pushing so hard against your own negativity that you are simply cashing in more power and energy to fighting these negative thoughts?
Or are you allowing yourself to be present in the moment…
And then sometimes very unpresent as is natural for humans. Allowing the flow in and out and then when you know better… when you see better… swiftly changing your focus?
If you are an expansion warrior then you are committed to upleveling. You are passionate about doing the deep work and look at yourself…because in our lives there is only ever one person to look at…YOURSELF.
Everything and everyone else is simply a reflection of that inner game. Which can be so empowering because you only have to worry and look at yourself. You have all the power within your very hands to live your best life.
You know that with focus you can transform your whole world!!! It’s right there for the taking if you can get into vibrational alignment which comes from our inner world.
Though where is your focus on your inner game work?
You think you have your head in a positive focus. You think you are doing it right but is the very thing that you are working so hard to transform the very thing that is holding you back?
Is your inner-game work the issue?
When you are doing your expansion work are you sitting there and focusing in on the thoughts that need changing?
Or are you focusing in on the thoughts and beliefs that are right on par?
The beliefs that are calling in all the good in your life
The beliefs that are indeed serving you
The beliefs that are going good and you want to expand out even further
The thoughts that lift you higher and make you want to spread your wings and fly!!!
I’m guessing that sometimes that’s the case but I bet that in the name of “focusing on the positive” you are trying to catch your negative.
You are then focused on the negative in order to catch it…
I know it’s a bit of a mind f*ck!!!
Focusing in on the positive but then trying to steer away from the negative which then only calls the energy to the negative.
You as an expansion warrior know that it’s important to change the faulty systems
Because without looking at these things you will never change them…
But there is a danger when you get so focused in on changing your thoughts and beliefs to the extreme…
You end up, usually subconsciously, focusing in on what is WRONG with you. Even if your intent is to focus in on what is right and beautiful and perfect in yourself… you will end up fighting against the negative.
So what’s to do?
Ignore all that needs tweaking for our next level?
Avoid doing any personal growth work?
Just give in the beating up of self?
Know and recognize that its a fluid process.
Feel into your growth work and see if it feels like it is lifting you up or tearing you down?
Are you reinspired by the work you are doing?
When you tap into soul does your inner work feel aligned?
Not always will out inner work feel AMAZING… but at the end of the day we should have an inner knowing and feel good that we are moving closer to our soul goals.
Though if you feel like you are being beaten down by your own “expansion work” then you might need to refocus in on all that you are doing right and perfect NOW. All the beliefs that are serving your PERFECTLY!
And maybe back off of the growth work a tad.
Just let it go…
Because even in our inner work when we try to grasp at something. Cling to something. Smother something…
We end up losing the things itself and turning even the most beautiful thing into something negative.
My beautiful expansion warrior!!!
Go grow!
Go expand!
Go do your work!
But most of all GO LIVE!
Addison Bell
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