It just takes one person!
One soul to see the potential.
One soul to reach out a hand
One soul to share some affirmation

And another soul can…
Be inspired or encouraged to move forwards
Be given a new perspective on life
Be infused with some energy of hope

Now the one person that needs to be most on our side as humans is US. Yes, we can not rely on others to make us feel good or to inspire. It is always our responsibility to move forward in our lives.

And in truth, WE as humans are the ones that must open to the inspiration, the affirmation, the love.

But to have others that see that spark in you… FEELS GOOD

You don’t need a million friends cheering you on…
You don’t need someone to tell you the hows and what to do’s…
You don’t need to be constantly spoon-fed affirmation

But if you have even just ONE person that is behind you.
that believes in your power and strength.
One person that see all your potential and the beauty that is already present. Then you are BLESSED!!!!

It is often we forget the power of just being there for others in our lives. Being a firm but loving presence reminding them of their true soul nature. Not trying to push them this way or that but to just be a loving presence that supports and encourages. Maybe at times lending advice or a hand when it is aligned but more than that…

There is GREAT POWER is simply looking someone deep in the eyes and letting them know you believe in them.

It heals at a core level if the receiver is open!
It brightens up the skies if even just for a moment.

And sometimes as humans, especially us ferociously passionate humans, that is all we need. All we need to catapult us forward.

As humans it is natural for our fears and doubts to creep in… for our egos to get stuck on the hows and details of our dreams… for us to hyper-focus on certain personality qualities and forget about some of the other powerful qualities….

And as I stated earlier… it is our responsibility to do our inner work here! No excuses!!!!

But DAMN does it feel good when you manifest someone in your life that encourages and inspires and sometimes kicks your butt.

It feels good to know we have support and backing. That we are accepted in all our crazy idiosyncrasies. That we are still seen, loved, and accepted.


And honestly, it is a gift to be able to hold space and give this type of love and space to another human. This is why I LOVE my life as a coach. I get to see so much power and beauty in my clients.

So today, I encourage you to spend more time encouraging the people in your life. Mirroring their light instead of mirroring their fear and worry. building them up instead of tearing their dreams down.

As well as looking at your own opening and allowing of this supportive energy in your life. Are there people in your life offering this type of love and support but you are pushing it away? Are you focus in on those people or are you focusing your attention on the naysayers and haters?

And to my own inner circle tribe… Thank you for your love and support. Loving me when I am soaring… loving me when I fall flat on my face… Loving my shadow and cray cray as much as my bright shining energy!



I want you to soar
I believe you can soar

But the best way for me to help you…
Is if you choose to help yourself by working with me in my Fall 2019 1:1 Coaching. Only a few spaces left!!!