It’s all a mindset game babe!

Everything you have in your life currently and in the past has been based on your mindset.

Your mindset of belief that you deserve and are worthy or your mindset that you are not worthy and don’t deserve to receive.
More than even that its a decision to change your mindset.

Newsflash!!! Everyone has insecurities. Everyone has an ego that spouts doubt and fear. This is being human!
The difference between those that “have it all” and those that wish they had it all is that those that have it all decide to choose a different mindset and listen to their soul.

They don’t fake a mindset. They train themselves to choose it so much that they own it, know it, and live it!
They brush away the moments where their fear rises and they still scream internally (and maybe externally) through the noise that they ARE worthy, they ARE deserving, they WILL make their dreams come true or die trying.

Every single day they get up and engage in a mindset routine. Whether this is in the form of self-talk or from a space of journaling and reviewing their WHY.

They don’t “WISH”
They don’t “HOPE”
They don’t “PRAY” (well they might pray but not in the same context)

They “CLAIM”
They “OWN”
And then they BECOME!

There are a million reasons for me to feel unworthy of my current success. There are a thousand reasons and ways I can rationalize the things I desire that haven’t manifested. Scarcity and fear can arise within me like anyone else.

My mentors and the gurus I follow have the same reasons. Feel the same fear arise. See the same B.S. unworthiness being thrown out by their ego’s.

And yet it is a decision to believe yourself worthy of it ALL.
To write it into existence and then live in that reality.

Live as if you already have all the love you desire
Live as if you already have that money in the bank
Live as if you already are running a fantastic business
Live as if you just had hours upon hours of orgasmic sex

This isn’t about faking it. It’s about claiming it.

Go claim your life today.
As soon as the fear and scarcity arise…

Be like Gandolf in Lord of the Rings and scream

?‍♂️?‍♂️YOU SHALL NOT PASS!! ?‍♂️?‍♂️

Lol, and don’t let those thoughts continue.

Remind yourself that you are and have everything you need in order to be the person that has it all!

Now just own it!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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