It’s all about the sex!
You ask me why I’m not talking about sex. Where are all the directly sexual discussions. Where are all the hot and steamy discussions to expand your sex.
It’s all here baby!

It’s all about the sex.
There is nothing related to our soul goals, our relationships, our inner world, & vibration that doesn’t impact our sex!
Our sex isn’t a special topic that we must put in a box away from all other growth and expansion discussions.
How we are sexing is how we are doing everything.
How we are doing everything is how we are sexing
If you are not able to fully embody yourself and tune into your own spirit then you are not going to have amazing expansive sex.
Sure you might have a great physical body reaction but this does not mean that it is filling you, expanding you, and helping you to grow in depth.
It means that your sex is missing something
So I don’t believe that every single sexual experience has to be some mind-blowing spiritually expanding growth experience. Sometimes sex can just be fun, playful, and connective for the fact that it is pleasurable. Though if this is all you’ve got then you are missing out.
All of that being said and if you aren’t expanding in other areas then you won’t continue to expand in your sex.
So when you ask me why I’m not talking directly about sex… I scratch my head in confusion.
It all relates to the sex and if you’ve followed me for any extent of time then you know that the tips, tricks, and techniques are useless without the personal growth elements.
Without the connection to yourself
Without the releasing of belief systems
Without the expansion of your “O” out into the world!
When we stop putting our sex in a bucket that must…
Be dealt with separately from the rest of our lives
Talked about separately
Discussed in different energetic terms
And be treated with kid gloves
THEN, and only then can we truly experience how our whole lives can weave together in a beautiful and expansive fashion.
?When we begin to heal our worthiness then we begin to heal our ability to receive and surrender in the bedroom.
?When we learn to be present with our lover in the bedroom then we learn to be present in the remainder o our lives
?When we bring a positive vibe/energy into our lives then we can’t help but bring this energy into the bedroom
?When we recognize our ego in our daily comings and goings then we are better able to recognize and release ego in our sex
?When we release traumas/emotions/energy in our bodies then we release a greater opportunity for openness and sensation in our sexing
Our healing always needs to include our sex but these healing concepts are not only sexually related… they are related to your entire being.
We are beings weave together in the most beautiful and magnificent way and not to be compartmentalized.
So when you ask me where are the sex talks…
My answer is… Go deeper! Open your mind to that every lesson is also a sexual lesson.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings!
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