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It resonates with you because it is you, darling. 
All those people you look up too and the light you so easily see within others is also within you too. 

You look out into the world and the lights that you are attracted to are attracting you for a reason. They are mirroring all your beauty right back at you.

Yet you sit blinded
You don’t see how brightly you shine
You don’t see that you have all those same gifts
You don’t see that you already are the very person that you desire to be one day. 

You simply haven’t claimed it. 
You haven’t owned it.

Sure you might own little pieces here and there but you still have yet to fully embody the person that you are…

It’s easier… and safer to look at those other people and see how profoundly they speak. How they radiate love, joy, and light for all the world to see. How people are simply magnetized to them and they are always desired. 

You, my dear, have this…
You are already all of this…

If you weren’t then you simply wouldn’t be able to recognize it and you surely would not feel entranced by the magic it holds. You wouldn’t sit wondering, pondering, dreaming, and continuing to passionately plan if your soul didn’t feel it’s soul call. 

Though you persist in pointing outwards.
You deny your own powers.
You deny your own heart.
You choose to stay small.

Even when placed in front of a mirror you close your eyes because it’s too painful to see. Seeing your own blinding possibility hurts your eyes. You can’t look!

Stay small. 
Much safer. 

So you dim. 
Your soul cries out until it gets so buried you can’t hear its song.
Your heart hardens 
And you stop seeing the beauty in self, in other, in life. 


OR, OR, OR my beautiful one, you own it. 
You see that every time God is presenting something of interest to you that it can be yours. That those brilliant things in others are simply a reflection of self that is being awakened. 

Open up to it. 
Allow yourself to be fed 
Notice all the little things in others that make you smile, laugh, feel seen, heard, and like you are being held by an Earth Angel. 

It is showing you your path deeper into the parts of YOU that can make this world smile, laugh, feel seen, heard, and like you, my darling, are an Earth Angel. 

You don’t have to DO anything
You just have to lean deeper into BEING you at your core. 
You simply need to allow yourself to hear your soul goals that are being presented to you through others. 
You just need to re-remember who you are!

So my beautiful one…

As you are going throughout your day and are struck by the beauty and wonder in someone else, know that that same characteristic is within you. It is the Universe providing you a glimpse of yourself. 
Take a second and before you move forward breath it into your being and claim it as your own!

Sending you…

Love, Light & Blessings, 

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