It’s all connected…

Everything in your world.

And usually all your “struggles” come down to the same 1-3 toxic belief systems.

Our lives are tantric in that everything is interwoven.

Yesterday, I sat journaling my heart out on several different explorative prompts. See with the down time with the Texas storms I decided to hard hit my personal growth work and took on several different books/courses and they have all led me back to my journal!

I sat journaling about business…..

I sat journaling about personality traits…

I sat journaling about my ideal man….

I sat journaling about ideal relationships overall…

I sat journaling about money….

And then to end all with some hypnosis to concretize the whole thing!

And while there was some really powerful unique realizations and feelings in each area, the fact was that there was a connective thread through every single journaling exercise.

BIG RED FLAG from the Universe telling me the work that needed to truly be done. Sure, I could work on the menial pieces of doing that next thing in business, or trying that new strategy out in relationships, etc.

But if the main belief system doesn’t change then nothing will inevitably change. It requires diving into the reality of what is holding me back from that next level.

And in truth what is holding YOU back from that next level in any area of your life, because I have seen over and over again that 1-2 underlying belief systems hold back my clients from truly having what they desire.

We hear them all the time and think that we’ve done the work…

But the fact is that we must continue to do the work on these at different points and areas of our lives when they show their ugly little heads.

These are beliefs that were cemented so firmly usually at a young age that it will require us to be careful that they don’t reroot days, month, years later.

They sound something like this…

“I’m not worthy”

“I’m not good enough”

“The world isn’t a safe place”

“Everything/Everyone abandons me”

“People are evil and manipulative (world/people are unsafe)”

“Life is hard”

Let’s take “I’m not worthy”, since it is such a common one.

If you are struggling with this wound then you won’t believe that..

You are worthy of the money flowing in,

Of having that new amazing lover

Or love at all in any relationship

Or that people treat you with respect

Or that you treat yourself with respect

Or that business you’re starting will blossom

Or any good things will flow to your life.

Now, you might be thinking that you’ve dealt with your underlying demons but I challenge you to spend time really journaling on all areas of your life because you WILL see a current flowing through.

Our masculine energy based society likes to put all the pieces of our lives into little boxes and we think they dn’t touch one another. That our money stays in the money box. Love stays in it’s very own box. Etc.

This is why I teach and preach from a tantric standpoint… because how we do one thing is how we do everything. We as individuals are interwoven (mind, body, spirit) and so are all the areas and belief systems for our lives.

But if you’ve been sitting there, banging your head against the wall and wondering why things are not manifesting or why the same pattern always shows up….

Then I suggest you sit down and start getting real with self and find YOUR belief systems that permeate everything in your life.

Then start chipping away at that belief system consciously. Noting each time it is proven wrong.

Validating the opposite again and again.

And then just simply seeing it and noting it can be powerful in and of itself.

But don’t let yourself keep going round and round the same old pattern throughout your life and letting it seeps into everything you do.

You can choose a different way and the answer is usually a very simple focus of 1-3 belief systems locking you down.

Go set yourself free…

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