?You say you want to manifest your heart desires!
?You do countless exercises to help you imagine and get in the vibration of your goals.
?You read, you visualize, you journal, and you act “as if”.


Why you might ask? Why isn’t all the “work” I’m doing not good enough to manifest? Why am I stuck?

Well first off you are looking at it as “work” and so you actually are being an AMAZING, FANTASTIC, SUPER POWERFUL MANIFESTOR…. you are manifesting more ‘work” since that is the vibe you’re putting out.

Though what you are actually missing is BELIEF!!!!??

You don’t truly at your core believe you can have, deserve, or are worthy of what you are asking for in your life. Somewhere inside your are not allowing your greatest goals and desires to come to you because you are blocked by belief.

The truth is it takes just as much to manifest a $1 million as it does to manifest $100.00. The only difference is BELIEF. You don’t believe you can have the million dollars but you do believe you can achieve the $100.

Our belief level must match or at least come close to our level of desire or we are not going to be able to pull in these things into our lives.

BUT, BUT, BUT Addison! I still want what I want!!!! ?

Great, keep that level of desire!! Though we have to work on the belief.

Here are your options.

1) WORK ON BELIEF. – What is holding you back in your head. Where are you not feeling worthy and capable? Where do you have limiting thoughts surrounding your desire? Journal, journal, journal and then DECIDE. DECIDE you are not going to let that belief hold you back. DECIDE that you are worthy, deserving, and lovable.

2) MAKE IT SMALLER.- I never tell people to tame down there goals but in this instance…tame it back a little to where it is closer to believable for you. If $1 million is not in your belief zone but you can believe in $2,000 then start there… prove to yourself your amazing powers of abundance and build your belief.

Go out there today and be a MANIFESTING BADA**!

You are always manifesting and so just decide to start choosing what you want to pull into your life and believing you can have it.


Light, Love, & Blessings,

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