It’s all in the follow-through!
You know those moments where you take the plunge.
The moments of deep courage.
Leaping into something new or making a big decision.
Those are some Bada*s moments!
They fill us with energy and excitement
Give us a feeling of hope

But most of the time these moments are NOT ENOUGH!!!
The real change and courage is in the follow through.
Where you make the decisions or the change and then keep doing what needs to be done to make it work.
It’s in the daily continued coming back to your goals and the little habit/thought changes.
Recently I have had a few clients that have stopped booking their appointments as frequently over the summer and are only half-way doing their “work” outside of sessions.
These individuals are generally really good clients.
They tell me that they want their growth and change
Then they look me in the eyes and ask me
“Why don’t I feel like I’m making progress”
Or they ask me why I haven’t expanded the focus of our work out to more extensive areas…
The answer is …
Because they aren’t making progress.
They are stuck in their daily grind and continue to put their dreams and goals on the backburner.
They have put ego excuses of time, energy, kids, fear, self-loathing, etc. in front of what they desire.
They are walking around with the facade of doing their work but they aren’t committed.
I use these few clients as an example but in truth we all do this.
We work ourselves up to make great changes and we finally decide to take a leap of faith… just to stop working right after the magic.
When a bird finally decides to leap out of a tree for the first time… it jumps…
But then it has to start flapping it’s wings or…
Dead or injured bird.
We forget that if we truly want something in our lives that it takes the follow-through after we have decided.
It is the inner work that doesn’t feel good
It is continued commitment to self and to your dreams
It is deciding not to believe our own B.S.
Why make the leap at all if you aren’t willing and excited to do the follow-through.
Most of us want to have these amazing things in our lives but we don’t want to do the work.
We want the outstanding relationships…
We want the business that is soul-aligned
We want the home
We want the joy
We want the gorgeous sexing
We want the spiritual connection
We don’t want to connect
We don’t want to meditate
We don’t want to journal
We don’t want to change our thought patterns
We don’t want to give up TV/Social media time
We don’t want to take the time
You can hire a million coaches
You can read ten dozen books
But at the end of the day YOU have to put things into action and decide what you are willing to give for your dreams.
That first leap can be scary as heck!
I remember some of my moments in my life where I took some big leaps literally shaking in my boots.
But while those were…
Break the mold moments
It also took the follow through and commitment to those things to really have the growth.
If you aren’t willing to give the follow through
The fun and exciting
And the
Tedious and difficult
Then you truly don’t want it!
And if you are screaming…
Then what is holding you back?
Where aren’t you allowing your growth?
Where haven’t you truly committed?
Are you just wanting the illusion of trying to change
Or do you truly want the change
Or are you trying to point to your half-baked progress and say…
“See I knew it wasn’t possible”
Trying to validate your own failures?
Whatever the answer is today.
I suggest everyone look at the things they claim to really want and desire in their lives
Look at where you have stopped flapping your wings towards that goal
And choose to commit to just ONE THING differently this week to get you re-aligned and excited about that goal.
Come make a MASSIVE impact on your own life this FALL.
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Don’t end your decade on the downturn
Make those changes you’ve been meaning to make today.