It’s all in the vulnerability.
This is how we grow and expand.
This is the way in which we learn more about each other but it is also the thing so many of us avoid.

I drove all morning in order to go on a last minute adventure. Yesterday evening I had this random desire to go see a special man in my life.
In truth to follow where my p*ssy and therefore my spirit to where it was pulling me.

Pulling me toward the play and spontaneity… YES!!!
But in truth pulling me towards the vulnerability.
The vulnerability of new experiences and also the vulnerability of exposing myself to another.

Because as much as I get online and share much of myself… there is still the woman behind the coach. There is still the vulnerability that still comes with learning a new lover.

And it’s fun… It’s playful…. It’s adventurous.
And it’s vulnerable!!!

It’s allowing another to see you at a deep and personal level. It’s allowing yourself to open to another soul.

Knowing that there is always a potential to get hurt. Knowing that love itself is simply a vulnerable thing.
It doesn’t matter if that love is for a friend, lover, or just a brief connection.

Connection is vulnerable…. But it’s where it’s AT!!!
It’s where all the yummy and juiciness happens in our lives.
Without a level of vulnerability then you are never able to reach for your dreams and desires.

Play is vulnerable
Love is vulnerable
Adventure is vulnerable

Our lives are filled with vulnerability.
Because life itself is vulnerable.

And so many think that vulnerability means that we must pour our hearts out with sob stories and sadness. Which sharing the hard moments in our lives can be vulnerable but just the same as our moments of silly play can be vulnerable.

Vulnerability doesn’t mean that you have no boundaries…
Actually is means that you are truly and authentically sharing WITH appropriate boundaries. It means having the integrity to share when someone has hit a boundary.
Over-sharing is a way to actually avoid boundaries and distance ourselves from others before they can reject us.

Today, I was chatting with this beautiful man I drove a few hours to see and he asked a personal question. I paused and then I said, “yeah, that’s a boundary share for right this moment”.

It was vulnerable of him to ask and it was vulnerable for me to set a boundary. But it was a beautiful moment of receiving each other. He did nothing at all wrong in asking the question and I did nothing wrong in connecting with self and seeing where I was ready to share and where I needed a bit more time to warm up.

But without taking the leap of vulnerability… Both playful,. adventurous, and the deep shares…

A relationship doesn’t grow and neither do we!

We learn and expand within ourselves in these times because true vulnerability requires us to be present and connect with self. Anything outside of that is not true vulnerability because it is coming from a disconnected aspect of self.

Vulnerability is the thing that makes life beautiful and fun.

So I ask you today??

Where are you being vulnerable?
Where are you shining a new aspect of self?
Where are you following where your soul is being guided on that ever vulnerable journey?

~Recover Your Life~ My Beautiful Followers!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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Desiring the extraordinary?
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