The world is currently in chaos as we search for the best way to stay afloat both as a world and as individual countries, states, and even towns.

Even as we look around at each family and individual, we each person is having to navigate how to progress through their days.

Are we focused on self? The news? Forward movement? Or fear?

Or like many are we bouncing between a little bit of all of it?

As we propel ourselves through our days are we tuning into the blessings that are all around us? Are we finding laughter and joy?

And if you are finding that laughter and joy, are you trying to squash the full expression of it due to other people around you or the world situation?

This is actually a common thing we do in relationships.

We dim our lights to match others around us.

We step into guilt for having a moment of laughter and joy when the world is struggling.

We don’t want to seem insensitive and so we just don’t shine as bright or share the good things happening in our lives.

And if you are in a current relationship, my question to you is, are you expecting those you love to dim their light in order to cater to your vibes? Are you secretly not wanting those in your life to be happy… even if those are the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Yesterday I had an awesome day.
There was sun.
There was laughter.
There was gardening.
There was good food.
There was connection.


In truth, I could not have asked for more than the beautiful moments I was having and soaking in. It was very fluid based and I was fully present.

Then I got a phone call. That other person was having a bad day and when I said I was having a great day simply hung up on me for being out and having a good time when they were struggling. When I called back I got an unload of negative energies poured on me.

Several things happened at once…

I dimmed my joy and happiness because they were having such a difficult day. Then I also felt guilt wash over me because I was having a great day when the world is in such pain and fear right now.

Also, I allow… yes allowed, the other person to rain on my parade of fun. I was having a great day and I did not protect my energy and some of the joy was stripped from the day. I went from high-vibing to feeling tired and done for the day. After taking a few minutes to clear my energy I was able to release from some of it but in me allowing myself to dim… I lost some of the beauty of the day.

In all that is currently happening in the world, I know many are dimming their moments of joy and happiness. Many feel shame and guilt for the joy. Whether this be in a personal relationship or just as a way to not feel insensitive to the masses….

It’s craziness.

We were not placed on this earth to be unhappy. NO! We are meant to love, laugh, and enjoy our lives.

We all have down moments but we should not expect others to diminish themselves just to make us feel more comfortable. And as far as the world and our individual communities go… the very thing that will heal is the laughter and joy. Staying in the pain body is not good for any of us.

If you are going throughout your day and feeling like you must lower your vibe to appease others and not be a “show off” or “too much” then you need to look at your circle and your beliefs. Do those you love really want you to be low vibing? Why are you choosing to steal your own joy and thus joy from the world?

If you are one of those people having a difficult time right now, then look at if you are asking people to lower their vibe for you. Are you giving off energy of jealousy and anger when someone is doing better than you? What is behind that? What is it about other people being in a state of joy that you are struggling with? Don’t shame it… honor and learn from your process.

This world needs more love and joy in the world. We need to stay close to the people that make us feel good and love on us. And we need to protect our energies from those that are committed to pulling us down.

Enjoy your day and all the beautiful blessings it holds!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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