It’s Your LIGHT to Shine!

You feel this soul drive

It is pushing you to step up and step in

And yet when you look around…

You get criticism

People telling you are crazy

Turning your positive intentions negative

Skewing and swirling

And simply not understanding

So you might try to convince… and in your convincing you only dig the hole deeper with others

Or you might back away from this soul drive because you have the desire to be understood and seen.

Shutting down your LIGHT

Your core self trying to come forth and there you stand shutting it down or at the very least creating resistance due to others thought and opinions.

And in this shutting down of your core self you shut your life down. Your soul wants you to wake up and realign. That’s the only way for you to get to where you are in true fulfillment.

Sure, maybe appeasing or acting out of fear of others make you happy for a small stint but it is firstly a fake happiness…


People are fickle and so it will never last. They will find something else to criticize or will go about there lives living for themselves.

Leaving you disconnected from your core and ultimately unhappy.

When we go inside and connect with the things that light us up…

The things that make us feel good and allow us to feel our best selves then we have an obligation to self to continue to expand into those areas.

Now it’s always good to check to make sure its a soul push and not a purely ego push but if at the end of the day it’s something that comes from your core…

You have to DO YOU BOO!

And the truth is these things vary greatly…

It could be pursuing a relationship that others don’t understand

It could be sharing your love even if it’s misconstrued

It could be a change in business that you are making

It could simply be you taking downtime to connect with self where others see it as wasteful.

The list of soul drives vary greatly.

But at the end of the day the drive itself is what matters

And no one else on this planet can fully understand that inner drive exactly because it is unique to YOU!

Now we can sometimes have people that are on board and supporting us in our soul drive. And that feels amazing! It feels loving and can be a beautiful experience to know we are supported by our fellow human.

And other times we will meet great resistance. Get called names and labeled with negativity. We can get massive push back from everyone in our worlds. And that doesn’t always feel as amazing.

And that fact is…. It doesn’t matter which scenario you have. Supportive or unsupportive it comes down to you.

You are the one that needs to align and let out your LIGHT.

No one else is going to give you this permission nor can they hold you back. It’s YOURS to explore and expand.

You have to choose to do it anyways…

Whatever IT is for you.

At the end of the day you have to go internally and find your why. Find what lights you up and stop worrying about what others think or perceive. Because it’s not others souls purpose!

It’s you that will end up being disconnected and unhappy.

But before we can live out this soul drive we first must stop and connect with ourselves outside of ego, through meditation, journaling, and silence. We have to provide space for our true selves to be known to us.

And then…


And only you.

Your LIGHT will pull in the joy and happiness and ultimately your tribe.

It’s your LIGHT to Shine!

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