Live for the Life You Were Called Towards

The naysayers and voices around you might be loud.
Telling you that you can’t make it and that you are ruining your life with the choice to follow your heart.
Making the choice to put self first.
To put more quality into your life.


The love of those around you quickly turns into a love of conditions.
But if you slow down then you know the song your soul is singing.
You know where you are being called towards and can feel the tug from within you heart. Like a string that has been attached to the future you are dreaming about…

But yet you look around and all you hear is the voices that attempting to weigh you down and dragged you towards the things they desire for you.

They point at you calling you selfish and yet they are the selfish one’s…
The one’s that don’t want to see you grow because of their own discomfort
The one’s that are wanting you to follow their path

They only see you taking care of your self and your life and let’s be honest…
People claim to love you until you waver from the path that they desire for you but it is not until these moments that we see the truth.
Some people’s love is conditional!
Conditional on their comfort.


But in these times we also see those that are willing to love and support us no matter how we are choosing to show up. The love isn’t based on conditions such as how we choose to change our appearance, what we do for a living, or if we have the same dreams as another. This kind of love is a deeper love of the person themselves…. the soul.

But despite if you have those around you supporting you and loving you or not the truth is that your path is your path.

Which means that if you are choosing to make a change in your life then the only person you need to worry about being happy with it is YOU. Yes, we and we alone know our paths and we alone can tap into our soul guidance.

Others can be wonderful and helping coach us to clarity and a deeper understanding of self but we have to do the work and take the steps. So if you have people in your corner than that is AWESOME and keep those loving supports around but if all you are hearing is how you are doing it wrong or that you are going to fail… then check the motives and love of those people.

When we love someone we don’t purposely attempt to tear them down.
If you are being called then you must go…
With your whole heart and your whole soul.

Recover your Life!

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Ready to stop settling for normal?
Desiring the extraordinary?
Know you were meant to live for more than what is currently in your life?

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