You were born with desire
You were born with a hunger
You were born with an Appetite!
An appetite for deeper connection and understanding of this world in all it’s juiciness.
The juiciness of deep connective relationships
The juiciness of feeling passion for your work
The juiciness of seeing and experiencing the world
The juiciness of our inner world and it’s divine energy
The juiciness of expansive moments of intimacy

Though, as we walk through our lives we distance from the elements that fill us
Separating from what nourishes us in the spectacular way we were meant to be nourished
Disconnecting from that voice that demands and desires ecstasy. We develop a deep expansive VOID instead of an expansive joy of life.
Closing down little by little throughout our journey consciously and unconsciously
Or maybe closing down all at once after a particular experience
Beginning to note your hunger, your very being, as too much!
And yet believing yourself not enough because you hunger.
Stuffing, starving, and blocking.
Disconnecting more and more from life, passion, purpose, and those you claim to love.
Love, Juicy Emotions, Experiences themselves are just too scary… just too out of the box..
Swapping Desire for Hunger!
We block and fill with food, social media, people-pleasing, addictions, and general busyness. We have this massive appetite and yet we can oftentimes no longer feel it. We numb.
Though, in the quiet moments, we sit wondering why we aren’t happy. Why we never truly feel filled.
We look at those around us at those that live a seemingly “weird life” because they are, blessed or gifted. These “success stories” living a life of abundance in their desires and stepping through their journey with a light and passion for life. You think they must be lucky or born for something more… not you!
When in truth, we were all made to dive in and claim our desires and the yumminess of life.
Our souls want us to open up to the full embodiment of our appetites.
To choose to not live in a constant state of hunger from the very things that makes life worth living and bring a feeling of fulfillment…
You were not meant to shut down all your sexual desires but instead to feel the flow and the swirling of those fiery energies
You were not meant to shut down your heart and connection to love but instead to drop those armored pieces and feel the warm embrace of unconditional love.
You were not meant to even shut off your physical hunger but to savor the taste of each morsel.
The masses want you to starve like they do…
To live in shame of your desires and also to think there isn’t anything out there to grasp for… you don’t even realize how much you are starving.
It’s time to reclaim your appetite.
All of your appetite.
To taste life for its true flavor.
And this is a rebellious act in a world where so many are starving.
To decide to wake up and connect with your core each and every day.
To demand MORE when others tell you to settle
To be truly ravenous.
Dancing between the desire for even more and allowing yourself to be filled. Fully and completely.
Allowing yourself to be ravished by this life.
You can have a life that you wake feeling passionate and excited to live each and every day. You can feel loved and connected to self and those in your life. Living each day with passion and a soul-inspired desire and direction.
You don’t have to keep starving your life away!
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There is something so powerful and moving about allowing yourself to sit in all your nakedness and feel your power while you at the same time witnessing another in their nakedness.
Nakedness is first and foremost an inner game.
Until we are able and willing to love ourselves as we strip ourselves down to our core…
See our light and our dark
Recognize our wounds and holdbacks
Allow ourselves to own our own power
Until we do these things with self we can never be truly naked with another person.
True nakedness comes from true vulnerability and authenticity.
My question to you today is if you are ready to join this rare few?
Men or Women… this is about you standing in all your magnificence!
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