If you’re done…be done!

You verbalize that you are DONE. You’re not happy. You think the relationship is the main issue in why you are not moving forward in your life. You can’t handle this habit or that and you simply are just not in love with this person before you.

Yet you stay?

You can give me a million excuses….
It’s the situation
It’s the kids
It’s the finances
There’s just too much going on right now
There are those few little things that you still enjoy
There is still the mediocre sex
And I mean others in your life think you go together well.. they are happy!

But looking in your eyes…
You don’t want this relationship anymore.
You are totally done but you hang out because of internal comfort.

It’s better than being lonely.
It’s better than having to deal with the drama
It’s better than having to alter your life and possibly look at your own inner world
It’s better than having to shine in your full vibrance and power
It’s better than having to see where you are making that other person the scapegoat potentially.

But you are done.
You say it.
I see it.
And yet you stay!
Wasting more of your life.
Wasting more of their life.

The sands of time slip through your hands
And each day you are drained more and more
You get a little more comfortable
Lose a little more of your power
Drain more of your uniqueness

Locking yourself out of the life your soul calls too!

That beautiful abundant life of freedom
Freedom not just for you but also for that other person
The freedom of your truth and authenticity
The freedom of your power
The freedom of your sex and thus your life
The freedom of the true light in your eyes and honest laughter

You hold yourself locked in your own cage
Knowing you need to break out
And yet scared…

Scared of the way out…
Scared of the feelings…
Scared of what going back to freedom will unleash…

But you know you are done.
So listen to your soul.
And just be done.
Rip the bandage off
Love that other person enough
Love yourself enough

To move into yourself next stage!
Because you were meant for MORE!

Stop Faking it & Start Claiming it!



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