Not turned onto life… Just have more sex!

There is often in my coaching practice that people will come to me sharing about how they don’t seem to feel turned onto their lives.

Life has turned dull. Try as they might they simply can’t find that passion for life and it is showing in their career, in their relationships, in their daily life habits. Even the things that used to touch their hearts at a deeper level seem to struggle to even cause a flicker of a positive feeling.

Along with this stress and low-grade depression in life…
They also usually have given up having sex or at least putting effort into sex.

My answer to them…

Though this isn’t quite right. I will tell them to go have deep and expansive Gourmet sexing or at least take the time to begin to develop this kind of sexing.

The kind of sexing where you are fully present in your body and feeling all the yummy feelings. The sex that is not simply for the climactic “get off” but that you are exploring each others entire bodies.

I usually will talk with them in-depth about the importance of sex for our physical and also mental well-being. If we aren’t having good sex where we are allowing our brain chemicals to properly release… then we are going to have a difficult time tapping into the “feel good” of our lives.

Our bodies hold so much trauma and stress and when we avoid our sex then this energy has a difficult time finding a true release from the body. Therefore we become shut down and closed off.

If you know anything about the chakra system and energy then you also know that there is a natural flow. Without opening up your sex you are going to have one hell of a time really tuning into the passions connected at a heart level. You are going to have a difficult time connecting with forward movement in a passionate way. And you WILL NOT be able to connect at the deepest level with your spirituality.

And I don’t want to make a blanket statement about how sex fixes everything because this would be a massive disservice to my tribe. There are many places where sex isn’t the answer or things must be taken slower. There are relationship issues that are so far gone that sex will only make things work.

But at the same time…
If you aren’t having deep connective sex with your partner then you are not going to be truly feeling your partner.

If you are a woman that is struggling with orgasm and not enjoying sex… then you have to have sex to remedy this issue.

There have been many times in my own life where I was feeling “blah” and it was amazing how a reawakening of my sex reawakens my entire life.

Expanding me more into my feminine
Connecting me at a deeper level with my body
Opening up my energies
And even at times fixing relationships

Lack of gourmet sexing leads to….
Weight gain
Increased sex
Increased physical disease
and much more.

So if you are one of those people struggling today. Feeling like life simply has lost it’s spark.

I beg you to ask yourself to really and truly look at your sex.
Are you having it?
Is it really good?
Are you getting out of your head?
Are you finding any blocks in this area?

Reawaken your sex, Reawaken your Life!



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