Sometimes you just need to STOP IT!!
You just need to STOP your SHIZ!
& Get over it!!!

I know!!! 😟

How can someone who…
Spent years as a licensed therapist working in mental health
That sits with clients every day and listens to their stories
Has a huge ass heart
And talks about trauma, drama, and love…Be so cruel and cold???

Well…. because it’s true!

Throughout my entire career in both therapy and then later as a coach, there is usually a point where this is my statement to my clients. And often to myself and too those I love.

(Heck, one of my friends said this to me the other day!!!)

We all have these thoughts in our lives that have become beliefs. Whether they be from points when we were very young or from closer to the present, we begin to live out and create our lives from these belief systems.

The problem being we look around and wonder why our life is the way our life is. We point to our feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough. We point to past experiences and “reality”.

And say… “but I keep thinking this”, “I keep doing this”, “I keep comparing”, etc.

And while I will never say that it’s not important to do your inner work and look at your demons…

Sometimes you have to get to a point where you just



Stop allowing yourself to think the thoughts
Stop allowing yourself to live from old beliefs
Stop diving into unhelpful emotions.

At some point after the processing is done, the praying has happened, the much needed victim party is over, and your still not moving through something…

Yes, you have to just STOP IT.

Have to stop allowing this piece to control you.

I remember years ago looking at some of my past trauma. I spent months dissecting, stirring, crying, and really looking at it all. Working to process it through my system.

And then I got through that time and still didn’t feel worthy, safe, and basically “yuck” whenever I thought about it…

But I had to make a decision to NOT allow it to control me any longer and not focus on it. I had to choose to find my worth, find my pleasure, find my yum outside and despite that inner work.

I had to stop thinking the thoughts that validated those old experiences.

Now, there is a time and a place to process

But if you keep coming back to the same old thoughts and experiences and it is feeling like a worn down record…

Then it might be at that point where you just have to F*CKING CHOOSE to STOP IT!

Choose a different thought and experience.
Choose a different belief system.

It’s always your choice!

Recover Your LIFE!

Love, Light, & Blessings,