“In a world where you can be anything… be kind”
Well that’s a load of certifiable bullshit!!!
As I scroll through my feed today this word popped out in several different posts and even a video directed specifically towards little girls being kind.

It actually enraged me because our young girls do not need to hear that their purpose is to be “kind”.
I say this not because I think being “friendly, generous, or considerate” (which is the definition) is some horrible trait to have but the problem is that we put kindness before ourselves and other life-sustaining qualities…
Kindness often means not speaking our truth and becoming inauthentic just so that our words or actions do not create discomfort in another. Is it really and truly kind to be inauthentic and not showing self?
Kindness often means that we don’t take care of self because we put others needs in front of our own which is never a healthy state. Kindness portrays not being selfish which is exactly what we NEED to be.
Kindness often means we don’t rattle others cages or our own cages.
Kindness often means repressing our shadow selves to the point that we are no longer whole. Then when that shadow self does emerge it is usually ugly and even more destructive because we are ravenous to be real.
To be kind in our current society gets interpreted as they are weak.
I’m not saying that this is what the core of kindness is because I can think of many powerful figures that were kind yet stood up for their beliefs. However, if we get really truthful this is not often the message we are sending with this word.
What truly is kind is being authentically you and showing up with boundaries and integrity. When we say no to something that isn’t aligned or set a healthy boundary to keep the air/love in a relationship… that is true kindness. When we say yes to self and have more energy for all the people around us and are radiating joy and positivity out into an often negative world… that is kind.
Though when we tell our little girls or little boys to “be kind” we are telling them many times not to speak their truths, not to be real, not to rattle cages and expand self or other, and to take on other people’s stuff. Thus we are also adults do all of these things and finding it difficult to connect with a truth and authenticity that we never developed.
In a world where you can be anything… Be Yourself!
Because in truth, when we are truly at our cores ourselves, then we can’t help but also have that healthy seed of kindness in all we do.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings!