Ladies, stop being too good for the knight and shining armor!

I remember being a little girl and watching/reading fairy tales where the prince would ride in and save the day. The damsel-like princess would hold onto him and they would ride away into the sunset of their happily ever after!

It was beautiful but even as a young girl I knew this was not the case in the real world. I enjoyed pretending but knew these were just stories. Women don’t need to be saved and aren’t helpless. I was, as many of you were, raised to believe in female independence and equality.

But if I’m honest a piece of these stories now and even then was appealing. The masculine riding in and allowing the feminine to surrender. There was a thread in these stories that felt “right”.


And you know why…

Because it’s okay as a woman to allow your man to come in and help you. It’s needed for you as a woman to surrender into your sex and succumb to the beautiful pleasure your body can provide.

A feminine woman requires the masculine lead to get to her deepest levels of orgasm.

Sorry, ladies but your vibrator alone won’t do it. Self-pleasure alone won’t do it. As much as learning your own body is ESSENTIAL to you opening up and expanding into your next level of pleasure….

You can’t always do it for yourself!!!

It’s okay to want and need a man. It’s okay to ask for your desires and to keep that childlike wonder and desire of being swept away by a man… even if just energetically.

We aren’t talking about women not being able to do things for themselves or even being needy and dependent. You have a brain in your head and don’t need to be saved.

However, as a woman we have this part that needs to be able to surrender and melt into our partners. As a heterosexual women you need to be able to trust your partner enough to let go and enjoy the ride of orgasm. The FULL ride and not just the tip of the iceberg.


But we have gotten to this place where we push away the knight and shining armor and we shame ourselves for this desire within.

There is a reason that we have fairy tales, movies, and books around the woman being taken. This isn’t just set aside for young girls but an energy that spans through our lives. It just becomes more sensual in the way it appears to us as we age.

Yesterday, I was driving home and speaking with a friend and shared about a desire/fantasy that I’ve been having around the masculine. The man that comes in and takes me in that unique way that I relax in and have the soul-opening orgasms that I know are possible in my body. Though before I shared I found myself saying

how I knew it was childish and silly…
how I didn’t need saved…
how I knew my sex is my responsibility…

and then I thought….

F*ck that… I’m going to honor this innate piece of me that desires to be loved on and nurtured. The piece that needs to surrender and allow herself to be filled with soulful energy.

This is simply a mirroring of our relationship with God.
We are playing our our divine romance in our daily lives with other humans. God desires us to surrender… to enjoy… to be filled… to allow ourselves to be cracked open.

So why would we shame that exact thing in our relationships. Why would we push away the piece of us that wants to be loved on, feel pleasure, and surrender?

If you are a woman and have ever had that desire to be taken in bliss…


Then my question to you today is if you are judging these desires? Are you wanting to be a victim or are you truly wanting to have that experience which will plummet you into a deeper part of self and your sex? Are you allowing this energy to radiate from you or are you keeping it locked away and thus keeping a piece of your feminine energy locked away?

It’s okay to want the knight and shining armor!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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