As many of you have already seen, liked, and commented on pictures from last night… 

I went to a Hollywood NYE Party where each guest was assigned a different character. When I received my assignment of Lady Gaga, I honestly wasn’t certain what I thought about it. 

If left to my own devices I would have chosen someone more traditional Hollywood glamorous like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. 

Though I took it in all good fun and as I stated researching I quickly realized why the Universe had given me this particular character.

I like Lady Gaga but she has never been an artist that I necessarily follow consistently. As I really dug into Google pictures to get a feel of what to wear, I was hit with all the transformation she has gone through throughout the years… from wild and crazy costumes to now very Hollywood red carpet glamorous while keeping a uniqueness to her style. She does HER!

There are no coincidences!!! And there was a reason I needed to enter the New Year as Lady Gaga.

My 2019 is all about shining my unique and beautiful light. It’s about the layered depth. The silly and playful aspects of me, the loving and heart-centered aspects, the soul guided aspects, the serious aspects, the dreamer child-like dreamer aspects, and yes even the shadow aspects! 

2019 is calling all of us to get connected with ourselves and our desires as one cycle ends and we set the stage for a new cycle. It is calling us to show us for ourselves and to show up now. To live each day with intent towards who we desire to be while also being present and authentic in the moment. 

We can either continue on the same hamster wheel and create the same cycle all over again or we can let our uniqueness shine and claim ourselves. 

Even if you are one of those people that believes that you “own” who you are… you can go deeper!!! There is a new level of depth available for you to own. This is the time to explore your beautiful layers. 

Though this requires you to show up every single day and when I say that I don’t necessarily mean by “hustling” or working yourself to death on your goals. No, I mean you need to show up every single day for your own soul and with a connection to where your body, heart, and spirit are wanting to direct you. Show up by tuning into self and leaving the ego mind behind. 

You have entered a new year but what is your message for the year? Mine is stepping a bit further into shining my uniqueness for all to see… what is yours? What ENERGY (not goals, not manifestations, none of that) are you wanting to send out and also claim in 2019? 

What is a symbol be it a song, an image, a person, etc that you can hold onto in order to remind yourself every day of your life message in 2019? 

I’m so excited to watch as my tribe expands, shines bright, and is uniquely themselves over the next 12months. 

Keep being You… “because baby you were born this way” 😛

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!

Tomorrow there is a MAJOR release coming out that I am very excited about and so stay tuned!