Learning is not implementing!!!

This time of year everyone is wanting to learn new things. As a society we have a fire in our bellies for a different way of being and so we jump into books, classes, and educational courses. 

We are striving to learn. We want to be like little sponges that can absorb all the newness. Or hopefully we are! 

Welcome to being teachable. You are willing and able to take in new information fairly well and retain it. It is a good trait to have and not everyone in life wants to be teachable. Some are actually happy just with status quo knowledge. 

But you still could be missing a huge piece of the equation! 

Just because you are teachable doesn’t make you change a darn thing in your world. In order to make changes and progress you must also be coachable. 

In other words you must be able to take the information you have learned and then implement it into your life with purpose. THEN you actually have to be open to feedback and corrections. 

Without the coachable aspect… you have a ton of knowledge but it isn’t doing you any good!

Knowledge without the inspiration, motivation, or self-determination isn’t going to get you anywhere. Unfortunately this is where the majority of us can really fall short of our dreams. We know what we “should” be doing but it never happens. 

Recently I have been seeing a TON of this in my coaching practice. People seeking knowledge and so being very teachable but not willing to be coachable. Ego’s instead get in the way and give excuses about not having time or implementing it half-way and not being willing to take the corrections to tweak things. 

Honestly, whenever I see consistent client’s coming through with a similar pattern the only person I have to look at is the person in the mirror!!

Yup, usually when there is a consistent pattern in my life I can look back and see the link in my only life. 

And you guessed it! I hit myself over my own head after listening to a podcast when I realized that although generally I am good about implementing different things into my world… there have been a few that I haven’t been very coachable with myself on. Things that I really started slacking on and wasn’t actually implementing my own knowledge. 

We all will have a variance on how teachable and coachable we are at any given moment. Even within a coaching session people will start being high on teachability and then as more information sinks into their brains… eyes glaze… and teachability for the day is down. Same in terms of our coachability and our willingness to correct and tweak. 

Though it is important to be aware of where you are at any given time. And if you are trying to make progress in your life, then you need to make sure that in general… you are teachable AND coachable. 

Otherwise you are wasting your own time until you can get this into more alignment. And you are wasting time of any one assisting you. 

The beautiful thing though is that sometimes just realizing you aren’t being coachable is enough. This can sometimes be enough to kick our butts into gear because it allows us to witness how we are showing up with the knowledge we have and the knowledge we are receiving. 

I challenge you all to journal tonight… before we begin yet another week in the New Year… to journal on where you are not being coachable. Where are you not taking feedback and corrections? Where are you not implementing the knowledge? And what is stopping you? 

I’m going to go kick my own butt some more….
And I hope you do too 😉

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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