Yesterday morning I woke up and thought, “It’s going to be a productive day”.

The previous day I had been able to check off all the boxes and went to bed feeling full of accomplishment and pride in my work. I had buckled down to start some things that I knew were soul aligned and found myself in a beautiful flow. It was fantastic.

Then yesterday I had created the same list and was ready to tackle the world, one check mark on a task list at a time!

Until I found myself surrounded by those I care about and soaking in some sun and laughter. I was plotting and scheming with a friend on a new project and found myself excited and simply enjoying the energy of freshness. Freshness in the new cut grass, Freshness in the sun, Freshness in relationship around me, and also the freshness of a new project that was less serious than the current world environment.

And before I parted with my social distancing crew… I stated, “wow, I thought I would be more productive today”. Immediately I kicked myself!

I was extremely productive!

 Laughed with a friend
 Had a connective moment with a 5yr old
 Felt inspired
 Enjoyed the beauty of nature

The difference is that most of it could not be measured or crossed off of a list. They were the moments we can’t put on a list in truth because it is the productive nature that only comes around when we are soul guided and present in the moment.

My type A, virgo nature, loves a good checklist and the ability to see my visual progress being made and sometimes this is exactly what we need in order to stay focused on our goals.

Though we must not lose sight of the moments of flow and ease. Many look at these types of days as “lazy days” but in truth these type of days where you simply flow through without a list or things that you must do, can become the most productive to the soul!

Today, looking back at yesterday, I feel rejuvenated and excited for the day. I look and see all the progress was made without any intense effort and that sometimes the most productive thing we can do for self is to let go of our need to always be “productive” and instead just BE.

I know in the current atmosphere of the world that I am seeing a few different camps of living that most people are falling into.

?The list-making hustle and work until you can’t work no more types.

? The lazy without presence types that are wasting their lives away in pj’s, tv shows, and alcohol

And the less likely but so expansive
?Soul-guided but focused types that are getting shiz done while also recognizing the need for flow and refilling of soul.

I strive each day to be in the last camp and enjoy the flow and beauty in life, while kicking my own butt towards my goals.

But my question to you is if you are really being productive?

It’s not about the things you cross off the lists but instead how you feel about the things you did that day and if they filled you. Are you proud of how you spent your day yesterday? Do you feel like you moved forward with your life?

And if your progress is always…

Well I self-cared today and relaxed… then is that really progress?

And is your progress is always… I checked every check mark on my list… this is that really progress?

I suggest changing your means of productivity up today. Look at how fulfilling it can be to do the opposite of your norm… IN PRESENCE!!

This life is beautiful and has blessings abound for the taking…

You just have to choose to get present enough with self and those around you to make them a reality.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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