Don’t you ever get tired?
Tired of holding it all together.
Holding it together within yourself and then trying to hold everyone else’s shit together as well.
Trying, working, hustling, planning and overthinking.

Keeping your body and mind tense and always focused. Hustling for your worth out of pure irrational fear.

Fear that if you were to truly let go that you would lose all control over your life and that it would spiral out into mass chaos. That you wouldn’t survive and that you would lose all those around you.

The ego that wants to scare you into believing that you can’t trust God and yourself. That without the constant grasping and controlling things aren’t safe.

The Fear, Control, and Ego

An all consuming beast that takes you out of the present moment and keeps you from feeling and experiencing your life. Keeps you from really connecting and having those moments you crave.

Only allowing you to melt and surrender in those rare and unusual moments that feel fleeting. Then always beating self up for those moments of reckless abandon or trying to grasp to get them again.

Yet you persist.

When is enough going to be enough darling?
When are you going to just follow your heart and soul.
When are you going to stop believing all the B.S. in your head and start breaking down those walls you’ve built so high.

Because letting go feels good!

Connecting with yourself is the only way to your long-term happiness. You can continue to run from yourself but you will never truly find contentment. You will never fully manifest your desired life.

Because a truly joyful and desired life can only come from someone connected within themselves and following soul. It doesn’t come from fear and constriction.

It comes from allowing your life to flow in the way it needs to flow and putting it all down!!!

Spending more time listening to your heart and intuition than to your ‘to do’ list. Taking time each day to just breathe and connect with what’s truly important in life.

Because the more you are trying, doing, and hustling in an unaligned and passionate way…

The less you will truly be able to enjoy anything that comes across your path. The less you will ever be able to drop into your depths of your heart in your career, relationships, sexing, and spiritual connection.

When is enough going to be enough in your life?

When are you going to let yourself flow?

Just put it all down today… even just for a few moments.
And then again tomorrow for a few more.
Feel how easy and effortless life gets when you stop the hustle and let down your walls.

~Recover Your Life!~

Addison Bell

We often go at our healing from a head brain perspective and although we might bring in a few embodiment practices… we still end up missing the mark! Never truly embodying our growth and knowledge. Never allowing ourselves to gain a truly out-of-the-box perspective and aligning in action!

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