You want them to make you feel special but you don’t see anything special within self.

You want them to rain love down upon you and yet you can’t find any love for all your intricacies

You want them to see you, romance you, cherish you, appreciate you… invite you in…

But you aren’t offering that same invitation to self to expand and drop into surrender. You are expecting others to give you things that you have not found the ability to consistently tune into within self.

You haven’t opened up to the receiving of these things internally and thus you won’t be able to feel when these things are being given.

Even if those around you loved you, cherished you, romanced you, etc… you wouldn’t be able to fill yourself with the energies because you haven’t opened up the fact that you deserve and are worthy of these things.

If you don’t think you are worthy or deserving then you will continue to block and shield in your conscious and unconscious mind. Your energy will deflect all that is being sent your way and you will only attract in more of what you are not desiring.

It’s a natural desire to want to feel special and loved. There isn’t anything wrong or shameful about this innate desire and it simple shows you that you are human. It shows you that you are a healthy human that desires to connect.

And it’s also normal and natural to desire to receive this from outside of self…

To want to be hugged, kissed, and thoroughly sexed
To want to receive beautiful surprises from loved ones
To want to hear words of affirmation

You are human and you were meant to connect. No matter what anyone says, you can’t do it all alone. We need others in our lives to connect. We were not born to be isolated but to learn and expand in relationship.

The problem isn’t that you have this desire… the problem is that you have to see, acknowledge, and fill yourself first. When you love on yourself then you will create the energies that will draw the love of those outside of you into your current reality.

Us humans are fickle and self-focused and thus we can not put our internal well-being in the hands of others to tend. This is our responsibility and thus we must fill our own cup, per se, and allow others to simply overflow our cup.

When you are constantly being filled by others without that foundation then the energy turns needy, turns negative, and you won’t be able to ever fully receive.

YOU and you alone are meant to expand into the love, specialness, and beauty of self. Once you have surrendered into this space and consistently come back to this space daily…

Then you open up the floodgates of receiving. You finally will allow in the energies from the external world.

Right now your doors are closed and yet you sit behind suffering because your soul is calling to be filled.

The answer is to fill self… love self… romance self… and look at where your beliefs about self are getting in your way.

You were meant and deserve all that this life has to offer!
You deserve to be worshipped
You deserve to be loved
You deserve to feel pleasure
You deserve to be thought of and appreciated.

You just have to open to it!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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