You’re crazy!
You are uniquely your own brand of crazy.
But crazy you still are.
And if you deny your crazy
You’re probably really actually even more crazy than the average crazy!

But the good news so is everyone else!
But at the beginning of a relationship and I mean any kind of relationship
We try to hide all that beautiful craziness that makes us interesting.
We hide the laugh that is quirky
We deny that guilty pleasure show we watch
We tame down our passion and thus our power
We try to act, “Not crazy”
And thus we often miss connecting with those that we are meant to connect with.
We miss those that have our brand of “crazy”.
And really it isn’t our crazy but our uniqueness!
Life is about finding our crazy unique tribe!
Here’s the truth…
The beginning magic leaves and we begin to truly see the other person
The depth….
The beauty…
The trauma…
The sadness…
The wounding…
The light…
And we each have our interesting mix of it all.
None of us are “easy” to deal with and the more you claim to be “easy to deal with”, “chill”, and “low maintenance”.
Usually the more difficult, uptight, and needing of maintenance you are.
True Relationships are complicated because people are complicated.
It’s finding those people that have the complications that are worth loving, expanding with, and that makes it FEEL easy.
It’s finding those individuals that when the new relationship energies fall away….the main thing you still see is the other persons divine light
The beautiful pieces of their puzzle!
But in order to find that light
To find the unique tribe
To find that unique love
You have to let the crazy out!
Not the ego ruled… running around being a victim, blaming, jealous, irrational crazy.
Heal that shit. Own it and heal it.
I’m talking about owning
The wacky
The silly
The strange
The laugh like a hyena during a good orgasm kind of crazy
The harry potter nerding-out kind of crazy
The making up random holidays just to celebrate kind of crazy
The crying because you’re so happy kind of crazy
Let it out. Own it.
And be authentic with how it is a part of you
Like all the other complicated parts.
None of us are easy to deal with but to the right people, it will feel easy.
Your Soul Tribe
It’s not about things always being easy.
It’s about it being worth it!
And you, my dear, are worth it!
But you have to own yourself.
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