This is a morning for setting the tone!
This is a morning to show up!
This is a morning to create what things will look like from here on out!

My eyes slowly open to beautiful rays coming in my window. Though the second I try to move my body it is sore and tender from overworking it the previous few days. My eyes feel like they could close again and I could sleep this day away.

I could stay in bed… that’s an option
I could forget about my morning journaling… that’s an option
I could not sit and spend my morning writing… that’s an option
I could forgo my morning coffee…. Umm, wait, that’s never an option ?

But I stretch my body, send some gratitudes up to God, and step out into my new day.

Because my morning sets me up to attack my day like a

BOSS!!! A bad*ss boss!

Our morning routines set the tone not just for that one day but really for our lives.

And the truth is the more we give into egoic desires that are not in alignment the further we also get from the lives we desire.

This is not to say that we can’t enjoy life pleasure…
Actually it means the exact opposite.

It means that we show-up when we know it is important to show-up in our lives.
Which then calls in our freedom to do all the things that turn us on!

I know my mornings truly do set me up for my day.
I know that I would feel “off” if I didn’t begin with gratitudes, manifestation journaling, and yes even my warm cup of comfort.

I also know that the moment I actually step-in and begin my morning process a good mood turns into a fantastic mood. It’s just moving past what is truly sometimes PURE LAZINESS (as it was this morning)

Now like I said that doesn’t mean I am constantly “hustling”.
Actually I hate that terminology because it feels like you are always grinding yourself down.
Nope! A warm epsom bath, candlelight, and music I am sure is in my future by tonight.

I get my beautiful moments of pleasure!

I simply choose to stay in alignment that will create even more moments of pleasure, instead of jumping on the lazy ego train.

And the truth is if you are constantly choosing mediocre comforts over stepping into soul alignment…
Well let’s just say good luck having your orgasmic life!

Are you always listening to that voice in the back of your head that is making excuses for…
? Sleeping a little bit longer
? Skipping your journaling and personal growth work
? Not starting that project/business TODAY
? and on and on and on….

Then you are at the point where you need to just show-up for yourself, your life, and your dreams!


Make one different choice today that the you in 5 years that has the life you desire would make…
And it will make all the difference…
Do this every day and…

Sending you all

Show up in your life today by discovering your PASSION

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