You have to go out on a limb
You want all the yummy feelings
You want all the money pouring in
You want all the amazing relationships
You want the travel, the business, the home, the sex, and all the other things your little heart yearns to receive
Yet you stay firmly planted in your comfort zone

You feel your heartstrings and soul pull and yet you pulled back in the other direction…
You think about how…
You don’t have the money
You don’t have the time
It’s a silly idea
You’re not worthy
It’s not practical
When in order to truly expand into all you desire is to step out on that limb. To listen to your soul and do the thing that doesn’t sound logical but feels RIGHT!
When it feels aligned to buy something but your head wants to scream that your money would be better served elsewhere
When your heart pounds in excitement at the thought of beginning that new business but you let your ego convince you don’t have the knowledge
When your heart and soul craves to release and let go in the midst of some amazing sex but you start running through all the reasons you shouldn’t
You’re stealing from your chance to step in!
You’re in those moments robbing yourself from God’s little nudges forward.
When going out on a limb is the very thing that could flip your whole world around in the most amazing way. Could change up your energetic vibration and open you up to a world of blessings and inspirations.
It’s not going out on a limb just to go out on a limb!
No, it’s listening into your heart and soul and feeling what excites and ignites you.
But in order to do that you first have to get present and begin connecting with yourself. Feel all the feelings. Experience this moment.
And find the JOY and GRATITUDE at this moment.
Unless you begin tuning into yourself than you, my dear will never be able to recognize when you are being nudged by God.
You will be oblivious to those divinely guided moments
Then you have to have the FAITH
Yes, the faith and trust in yourself and spirit that your tree limb will remain steady as you venture out.
Knowing that God has your back
Sometimes it might even be the smallest little nudge and branch that could lead to the greatest expansions.
Buying the outfit
Going on the trip
Asking for what you want
Speaking your mind
Sometimes it is big drastic things but each and every day there are also tiny limbs!
And if you want the amazing mind-blowing moments…
Limbs are required!
Your comfort zone doesn’t give you those high flying vibes…
Nope, it might give you peaceful vibes…
But not those next level expansive vibes!!!
So go find a limb today!
An aligned limb that your soul is calling for…
And take the step
You are guided
You are held
You are worthy!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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