Life is all about the choice moments. 

Sometimes these moments might be the big heavy decisions…

Saying yes/no to a marriage proposal
Choosing to go to college or not to go 
Quitting a job to follow a passion

Those decisions that you will mull over and think about because you know for a fact that your answer will impact the remainder of your life. They are the moments that we often will stop to talk to friends, family members, and we will meditate and pray over. 

I can pinpoint several life changing decisions and true turning points in my life. Big decisions that if they had gone any other way then my life would have turned out completely different. 

?The day I left my home in New York and moved to Texas 
?The day ears ago when I agreed to get help for my eating disorder 
?The day I went to that club despite the feeling in my gut
?The day I entered a coffee shop to find my world turned upside down

Choice moments.

Yes, moments of life-changing impact

But more often what truly has an impact on our live are about those little choice moments we make every single day! 

Often without realizing that we are making a choice. The elements we don’t necessarily see as holding a massive amount of impact on our futures. 

It’s these moments we are constantly making choices that truly fill and direct our lives. Because many aspects of our lives are created from a space of habit and in truth we choose these habits!

Our beliefs are thoughts we got in the habit of thinking. 
Our daily routines are habits we have established 
Our relationships are also habit oriented. 

Habits for our highest good or not.
And we choose them daily! 

Even elements that aren’t necessarily habits but simple choices throughout the day. Often choices we automatically make to stay within our comfort zones. 

?The moment you choose to stay in bed instead of following through with your plan to exercise or meditate 
?The moment when you choose to yell and scream at someone instead of pausing and witnessing your Ego
?The moment when you choose to watch Netflix instead of doing that personal growth course

I mean if I’m honest tonight I sat here with a choice. It was already evening and I hadn’t written my daily article and so I could simply NOT. Simply go about the other tasks I still had left to do… or I could put my butt in the seat and share my message. 

Well welcome to my evening article đź™‚

Tonight I choose to make the choice that is in alignment with my goals, my spirit, and my purpose. 

To our egos these little choices in the moment don’t usually seem that grand or impactful. The problem being that they can become habits. They can create barrier to what we desire. They lead us off our paths and further away from our soul guidance. They are us not showing up for our lives. 

And again they are usually choices that keep us in our comfort zones. 

I mess up and make the wrong choice… frequently… and there needs to be grace in the times when we see where we fell short or didn’t entirely show up for self. We are human and so won’t get it right all the time. Though there is a difference between having loving grace towards self and not ever holding self accountable. 

It’s important that we take stock of our lives and see where we continue to make choices both big and small that are not in alignment. As well as where those daily choices are adding up to move us forward. 

Daily choices can either expand us into the people we’ve always wanted to be 
Daily choices can hold us back as we watch our lives pass us by

What choices are you choosing to make as we move into the New Year? What ways are you going to make different choices to move deeper into your abundance?

Sending you all 

Love, Light, & Blessings!

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