This year has been a year of moments…

Like all years are filled with moments
But this year we have been pushed to truly take stock and lean into appreciation of the moments we’ve been given.

All the moments. The ones that fill our hearts with joy and peace and the moments that we are brought to our knees with pain and heartache.

This year has simply provided us a chance to lean into our moments and see them for what they are… lessons and blessings.

It has been a year of us having to WAKE TF UP!!!

We are never promised tomorrow but this year has really brought that to the light. As people are dying, relationships fall apart, people lose jobs, and paths in our lives quickly change…

All we have are our moments.

But our focus and attention in the now creates our moments in the future. Our moments are not coincidences but present for a reason
Playing out based upon energy we put in previously.
Playing out to guide us to our next step.
Sometimes they are showing us the contrasting energy to what we desire so we can hone our desires.
Sometimes they are filled with so much joy, love, and connection so we can learn to be present and fully experience what is capable of our light.

And many don’t realize that with their thoughts, feelings, and ability to truly witness the grander scheme picture…

That we can create out next year of moments!

Instead many look back over 2020 and look at it as crap. Wishing it away and with it pushing away all that was learned and gained. Dismissing beautiful expansive moments.

Not realizing that if 2020 was sh*t then the only person they have to look at is themselves… because that is simply where they are focusing. Your entire year was not horrible. There were beautiful moments. There was growth… love… connection.. laughter… and enjoyment.

But if this is your focus then your moments of 2021 will continue to be negative.

Instead focus on all the amazing experiences and your inner strength during 2020. Focus in on how you changed things up in our life and found joy. Focus in all the MOMENTS.

The moments this year , that have made you who you are right now. Not saying they were all easy but they were needed.

Take time to visualize and FEEL all those moments that are going to take your breath away in 2021. The moments you are excited for and the moments you are committing to creating for self. See yourself living out the energies you desire for a new year.

As for me… I knew 2020 was going to be an amazing year for me and so I write it down and affirmed it every day. I wrote all the amazingness on a poster board and the truth is… that energy did follow me through the year.

There were some moments where I felt my breath was stolen from my lungs from fear, sadness, and loss.
I lost 3 friends… two to illness and one to a brutal murder.
I stood looking at my shadow and where I wasn’t acknowledging pieces that needed to be seen.
I walked through a cleansing and clearing path of my past traumas and past and looked them in the face while feeling like I might crumble internally.
I watched relationships come and go and beautiful things turn sour.

And so many more but each of these moments gave me a beautiful reverse moment of an ability to grow and expand. To step further into my truth and desire.

Then there were the moments that took my breath away in beauty, love and connection.

I had a moment where I jumped out of the plane and felt myself truly flying
I had moments of breaking deeper into the Universe and expansive conversations with friends on trips.
I had many moments of connective sex and sharing of hearts.
Moments where I was able to travel with a man that left a beautiful mark forever on my heart and showed me my desires for the future.
I had moments where I was able to help, support, and love on those that I care about and they honored me with their shares.
Moments of tears, expansion, and awakenings with clients.
My own next level of kundalini awakening within self.
And even little moments that made a HUGE impact like lying around on a couch with a good friend and just laughing and sharing.

A million moments… so many more positive than negative.
So much life that was lived.
So much growth that was had.
So much love that was shared!

And 2021 is going to have even more moments that steal my breath away.

You can choose your moments as well. You just have to choose your energy and focus today!

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