This is not the article I thought I would be writing today.
After two trips. One with two women very close to my heart that was filled with an abundance of laughter and shennigans.
And the other filled with romance, passion, connective sexual moments, and such magnificent beauty.

I thought I would be writing about hot fiery sexing, loving passionately, open relationships, moving through the remnants of past relationships or soul sister connections.
But then life leads us to our messages….
About 30mins ago I found out a friend had passed away from a very long battle with a ferocious type of cancer.
She was a beautiful soul that touched the lives of many. She shared her light and guided many to a much more beautiful life. And now her soul has moved on beyond this human existence.
And in all honesty I feel heart broken.
Yet after the last week or so I feel more full of life and joy than ever before. I stand here with the full gamet of feelings.
But the message that is coming through in this…
Living & Dying
We all die. This is a part of life.
But many of us are dying each and every day without realizing the tiny deaths that are happening.
The little moments when we give up on a dream or step into the negative and stay there. Where we don’t step into our desires. Where we don’t share our hearts.
We never know what tomorrow will bring in our lives or the lives of those around us.
So maybe this post is about fiery sexing, passionate love, soul sisters, etc.
Waking up like my friend did and trying to make the most out of the moments.
Feeling the feelings and breathing them in!
Opening those stubborn hearts that can easily get shut down. Allowing them to shine love and light while we are able.
Because everyone is in our lives for a reason and each and every person leaves a fingerprint on our lives and this world.
But what is your fingerprint?
Are you living our loud and really letting others be impacted by your light? Or are you giving yourself away and dying each and every day?
Living in fear.
Living disconnected from your emotions.
Living without desire.
Living without a connection to your greater purpose.
Is dying.
It will never be truly living.
The fact is…
Although I am heartbroken.
Although I have a flood of tears rolling down my face for the honor to have known such a beautiful inspiration soul.
I am joyful.
I am joyful at getting to witness my friend’s life in all the ups and downs.
I am joyful for the way I am currently living my own life. Because I’ve been loving, growing, expanding, sharing, connecting, and laughing.
I an feel the deep sadness of loss and yet still feel fully alive with life.
I am so sad and so overjoyed all at the same time.
Still be in awe of the lives of those around me that are choosing to live and share their precious time and moments with me.
Because life is all about the ups and downs and feeling it all!!!!
It’s about the risk…
Because a life without risks is not worth living.
Take the trip.
Start the business.
Share your words of love.
Risk the losing…
Because without the losing their is no living.
Recover your LIFE!!!!!
Love, Life, & Blessings,
RIP in peace my beautiful friend! You have left so many fingerprints on my heart.