I wait for my coffee to finish brewing and glance out my window into the grey cloudy sky. Behind the clouds you can see the morning sun wanting to peak through and light up the sky.

The clouds are swirling and passing and I find myself enthralled at their graceful movement through the sky.

The clouds bring a sadness and yet feeling of beauty and abundance up in my body. I feel both inspired and tearful. These clouds remind me of life! And particularly my life and emotions at this particular period of my life.

My sky went from bright and sunny to cloudy and not as clear as it once felt.
Not dark. Not torrential rain. But cloudy and intangible.

In our lives we have this beautiful light that we shine….like the sun. It is magnificently bright, intense, and lights up the world. If not directed in the right way it’s intensity will burn everything. Beautiful but also needing to be aligned in order to make the most out of the light. It’s always shining though… at no time does the sun actually go away. It is always in the sky. Just like the sun our lights that are always there. It never actually leaves us because this light is our core essence. This light is who we are!

Then there are these clouds. They cover, conceal, and are always passing through. They sometimes just dim down the light. They sometimes bring intense storms and make the light not visible at all. They sometimes are beautiful white accents to the sky that make it so much more interesting and beautiful. Sometimes we lay down in the grass and simply watch these beautiful passing clouds… wondering, observing, and admiring. These clouds are our emotions, our experiences, our lives!

We can look to the sky and yell at the clouds for being there or we can embrace what they bring. We can notice the beauty of them when they are dark and stormy just like we notice the beauty of them when they are white puffy little accents to our light. The key is to never actually allow yourself to forget the sun. It’s always there. No matter the darkness… the light is always there.

Clouds will come…but they always move through. The light is always there in the end.
How are you cursing your clouds today? How are you judging the inevitable emotions and situations of life. How are you turning your eyes from the sun and focusing in on the clouds?

A blissful life isn’t made from getting stuck in the storm clouds but from looking through the clouds to the sun. Keeping the faith that even when you can’t see the sun that it will indeed be back!
Where are you losing sight of your own light? Own power? Own core?

Join me today in focusing in on the sun and noticing the beauty of the ever moving clouds!

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