I’m not in the mood
I’m tried
I’m energetically drained
I’m in Ego because of situations beyond the other persons control.
But yet, my desire to provide a gift is more than all of that

When I truly tap in I want to share my love in this way
I want to provide rest, relaxation, and healing for this person in my life.
The love outweighs the Ego

AND I know that it will have it’s own healing effects on me
When I get into a state of true giving
From the heart and allowing God to work through me…
It feels incredibly divine
I flow
I feel
I heal

The Love outweighs the Ego

I have my own needs here
I crave my own receiving
I desire to let go
Instead I choose to step deeper into the energy of giving

No one is forcing me
This person would more than understand
I am supported in being authentic
But I WANT to provide this gift

The love outweighs the Ego

I hold space and feel my own healing wash through me
I feel the turmoil energetically in the other person in this held space
I feel so incredibly honored for the ability to provide this small space
I want to hug, protect, shield

BUT…. That would be my ego and so in the moment
I let the healing happen without my interference beyond space

The Love outweighs the Ego

If we allow ourselves to feel the Ego.
Truly acknowledge it but then
Lean into out true divine core

Then we heal, we grow, we find BLISS

Lean into LOVE
Lean into BLISS!