Do you love them or do you love what they do for you?
Get honest.
Even more honest.

This is just between you and yourself.

That person that you claim to love and care about so much …
Do you really love them or is your love only dependent upon what they are doing for you?

If I asked you right now what you love about your partner… your best friend… your mother… and anyone else close to you

Would you start spouting about actions…
About the gifts they give you
About the physical touch

Or would it go deeper?

Would you share with me about their heart, their energy, their personality?
Would you paint me a picture of their soul?

Would the energy of pure unconditional love radiate from you so strong that I could feel your awe and heart in the sharing of this person?

Yes, sure they may do some amazing things for you and in our very human existence we must show our love in a language that the others can understand.

So YES!!! Love, appreciate, be grateful….
And pay attention to the efforts of those you claim to love
This is that other person’s human efforts to speak the language of love

However, this list is not love!

If the ability for this other person to do any for you was taken away would you still look at them and see their magnificent light? Would you still smile at how beautiful their soul is? Would your heart still open when you thought of them? Would you still want to give to them?

If you had a huge fight with them would you attack their very core? Would you try to cut them down? Would you walk around talking about how horrible they are?

Or would you still wish them the very best and hold your love for them higher than your ego?

Love is seeing beyond the actions, beyond the sex, beyond the gifts, etc.

Love is a soul action!

If your love is only or primarily based in the commerce of what someone is giving you then you are missing out on the true sensation and connection to this extraordinary feeling and knowing.

You could be blocking yourself from the vulnerability of true loving
You could be not present and really FEELING that other person and yourself
You could be too connected to ego-programs of what “should” look like
Or it could be something else entirely…

But if you claim to love the people in your life… then truly love them.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!

Addison Bell