Words, Labels, & Definitions of Love can Be Great…
But the power of love isn’t found there!!

The action. The things you feel. The ENERGY.
Thats where it is found. That is what truly matters.

When you are holding your partner in your arms and feel an interconnectedness.

When you watch as your partner steps out of their comfort zone in order to build a deeper moment.

When you see as your partner is trying new things and growing in order to expand the relationship.

When you listen as your partner shares a deep vulnerability with you.

When you look into your partners eyes and there is a deep penetrative energy of love.

Thats the real shiz.

Thats when you know that despite the labels and the words that are being shared/not shared. You know that there is love in the moment.

Our actions speak so loudly to our love.
In all types of relationships…

Friendships, with our children, other loved ones but especially with our romantic relationships.

But we all have been gifted this amazing sense of intuition that can tap into where we are in a relationship. We can feel when our partner is really there present with us and sharing their love.

Though we often dismiss the energy of love for the words of love.

Words can be faked.
Words can be misconstrued.
Words can fade.

Words do not equal the energy of love!

I recently had a client I was working with that wanted their partner to use more definitions of the relationship. This client thought that if they could simply get a definition then they would be able to claim the love. Thinking it would feel more real.

The problem being that if you looked at this mans partner she was stepping WAY outside of her comfort zone to expand in the relationship. This woman was opening her heart in a million different ways than she had done in the past. Sharing her vulnerabilities. Carving out time just for him that she would have never done in the past for any man. And just to look in her eyes you saw the energy of love outpouring from her….

But he wasn’t paying attention to his intuition and the energy of love that was all around him. Instead focusing in on the words. Wanting something concrete.

Well folks…

Love is never concrete.
It is an every changing energy and flow.

We can not promise to be in love with someone in the same way years down the road.

We can not promise to not hurt another person.

Thats what makes love risky…. but oh so worth it.

Definitions and labels don’t define our love.

I personally have people in my life that the labels I would give them don’t even touch my deep love and care for them. My love doesn’t, not will it ever be able to fit in a box.

Neither does your love fit into a box.

But you know when you are loved… if you only take the time to tune in and connect with your intuition…your energy… and the energy of those around you.

Love is never a word…it is an energy!

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