You either love her or you don’t!
If you find yourself hiding her away…
If you talk differently about her around others…
If you diminish your interactions…
If you hide the level in which she gives to you…

That isn’t love.
That is manipulation!
Don’t say you love her and then hide from your truth the moment you step away. Following group think or diminishing her role in your life.
Don’t say you love her and then talk behind her back!
If you can’t stay steady then you need to check the waver you feel within. The ego excuses. The boxes you’ve created.
The people that you are allowing to sway you.
It is not just unloving to that other person but it is incredibly unloving to self. It means that you aren’t willing to stand in your truth. It means that somewhere you aren’t willing to stand up and stand in your own decisions.
Even if a relationship was built on secrecy…
Until you are willing to stand fully in it…
You can’t say that you wholeheartedly love someone.
Because love isn’t secrets.
Love is standing in the fire for your feelings.
Love is truth talks and deeper sharing.
Love is telling others to stay in their own soul business.
Love is never an energy of hiding
Love is never an energy of deceit
Love is never an energy of shame
You can have unspoken intimacies.
You can have sacred moments.
But if you are hiding the person…
It’s time for some soul searching.
What are YOU hiding from?
What are YOU fearing?
Where potentially are you feeling torn … In avoidance… or simply trying to stay comfortable?
Where are you hiding her? (or him)
Do you hide connections and interactions with family members, with friends, with lovers, or even with partners?
I ask you to think about those you claim to love today…
Are you fully owning your connections?
Or are you not only hiding them but hiding from yourself?
I share the above with you today because over the last few weeks I have been seeing a whole lot of people hiding. Hiding relationships, connections, and the people they claim to love.
I have heard stories and watch as people have diminished the connection they have with someone else in order to fit in and please someone else. I have watch people retracting love in the name of ego excuses.
And as a personal share the other day I watched it being done to me as well. I was with a non-romantic relationship. The phone rang and the person told me, “shh, I don’t want them to know we are with you”. Afterward the person shared that they loved me but just didn’t want to deal with the outcome.
So in truth, this was simply what was on my mind.
I think we all can hide from ourselves in love. I think it can be incredibly hard at times to stand in our truth. But I also believe in continuing to shine a light on our truth.
If you claim to love someone then you love them out loud.
So on that note…
Have a Soul-Searching Sunday!