I hope one day you get all the love you desire.
That your walls and protections around your heart begin to shatter into a million little pieces
That you find yourself having to breathe into the new spaces that this love will bring you in your life.

And when that day comes, I hope you stand in it’s fire and all the feelings. I hope you choose to stay and that you don’t run away from the love you deserve.

Because you deserve that deep and big love darling.
You deserve all the beautiful and yummy things that come with that love.

The moments under the stars
The deep kisses and caresses
The little surprises
The moments where the feelings are so big that they bring tears to your eyes.

Though that requires you to hold in the discomfort.
Yes the discomfort.
Because as much as your think your pain and sorrow is uncomfortable… LOVE … pure love…

Now that is one of the most uncomfortable things darling!
Its so uncomfortable because it shatters your belief that you don’t deserve or aren’t good enough. It cracks away the pieces of you that have settled for less in your life.

And LOVE is dangerous.

It’s dangerous because it opens you up be hurt but at the same time that is the only path to the divine love that you desire. Its these little moments of risk.

The moments when you hand another person a key to your most cherished pieces and trust that they won’t use it against you.

Because darling…

If it doesn’t feel risky it that it opens you up and expands you out then it isn’t love.

So I hope you risk love.
I hope you stand in all the feelings and all the risk.
I hope you have the courage to truly love deep.

I hope you cry tears of joy and wash away your past sorrows.

I hope you feel like you are on top of the world and yet at the same time of so small in the grand scheme of things.
I hope you find yourself melting and yet standing up taller and prouder than you’ve ever stood.

I hope you watch as magic unfolds as you lean into these moments.

You deserve this kind of love and it is out there for you to have…

The problems is that you have to surrender into allowing it to penetrate you. Penetrate you all the way to your core.

Allow it to crack you open and not run towards your ego and logic.

You have to let go of the beliefs that keep your from manifesting and feeling it all around you because it is there for the taking.

You have to stop looking for the reasons and logic that keep you from being engulfed in the energy.

You have to be brave darling because the
heart pounding…
soul opening
self expanding…


And you have the courage it takes if you are willing to step into the arena.
But that is entirely up to you!

I hope one day you truly allow yourself to be loved!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


We often go at our healing from a head brain perspective and although we might bring in a few embodiment practices… we still end up missing the mark! Never truly embodying our growth and knowledge. Never allowing ourselves to gain a truly out-of-the-box perspective and aligning in action!

Addison Bell & Kendal Williams want you to know… THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!

Now introducing Tantric Alignment Puja’s!

Each month we will journey into a new topic in a playful, heart-pounding, exciting new way!

September 8th in Plano, TX


*photo credit to Rebekah Lynn #DandeLionImages