Rules. Standards. Lines in the sand.

This is how we treat our relationships

We put them into little boxes

We define them and label them to death

We keep ourselves and our love wrapped tightly in confines.


Never allowing them to expand, to grow, to change.


We meet a friend and “friend-zone” them forever, never to re-look at the options of a different kind of depth.

We have a child and never allow them in their adulthood to grow into more than a 5yr old in our minds.

We get married and think that one person should meet all our needs forever and ever. Leaving us stuck in a cycle of unhappiness


It never works!


Though we try as we might to make things fit into boxes that love never belongs!


We have cut off our sense of love and connectedness because somewhere we picked up that love is something to be categorized.

Society has told us that intimacy is only for those that we are having sex with… actually maybe not even then but instead for the person that we made a legal binding contract. Instead of allowing ourselves to take each relationship for how it is, and in the way it shows up in the moment.


There are people in my life that I have great levels of intimacy with but that intimacy depends on the season of the relationship. Sometimes in these relationships we are in a space of deep sharing and connection. Other times dfor one reason or another there is more barriers, walls, and processing to be done. Love is always there but the depth and type of relationship ebbs and flows.


Relationships are feminine in nature…. They flow and are unbounded.


Yet we try to bind them.


We are told that it is wrong to love this person or that person.

We are misunderstood in our actions if we are one of those people that is more free flowing in their love.

We are taught that there are strict guidelines between…








And yes, there are differences in each relationship. I’m not saying that you should treat your child the same way you treat a lover. The key is to live authentically with your love. If you desire to enter a new level of intimacy with someone and it is in alignment with your soul then… why the f*ck not?


Because it doesn’t fit our current schema?

Well that’s a load of bullsh*t!

We are here in this life to grow and expand our vessels. So why wouldn’t we take that opportunity? Why would we choose to confine ourselves?


The answer is fear, judgment from others, and simply our belief systems that weren’t simply handed down that we accept without question. Like a sheep!


I choose to expand. To find a greater level of bliss in my relationships.

And to live undefined.


Join me in living and loving undefined!

Of having our Blissful Life!