Make a change!

Just jump!
Don’t wait.
Don’t think.

Even if you aren’t certain it will turn out perfect. Just choose to make a change.

Don’t overthink. Listen to your heart and your soul. Let it guide you. You know the changes your heart is crying for!

When we never shake up our world we never invite in openings for new energy. The energy that moves us closer to our ideal vision of our lives.

Its doesn’t have to be major…
It could be hair
It could be your style
It could be your routine

Or it could be HUGE
It could be changing your job
It could be dumping your partner
It could be moving houses or states

The point being to make a change
It’s about telling the Universe that you are ready…
Ready for new energy and an up-leveling
Ready for a shifting towards our greatest and ideal self

When we keep our lives consistent day in and day out then where we like our lives or not…
Eventually we hit a lull.
A point of peace but also bordeom.
This is us simply being human!!!

We crave newness and excitement
So it is about tapping into your desires and seeing where you can make a change to shake things up.

Kick you closer towards the life, the relationships, career, and sex you dream about.

Change just opens up space!
Join me in shaking things up and expanding out in 2020!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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