How do you make a moment last forever?

This is my question to myself as I stare out into the blue ocean while strong arms are wrapped around me.

The beginnings of tears begin to come to my eyes as a beautiful flood of emotions arise in my chest.

I want to freeze this moment amongst so many others over that last few days.

The kisses
The caresses
The heart shares
The laughter
The way I’ve been pampered so perfectly in a way that arouses my feminine in a way I’ve been hungry for recently.


And yes, even the crazy adventures

I want to pause time but that’s not how this crazy adventure of life works.

So I mentally snap a picture.
I soak in all the yumminess of the moment.

Because we CAN make a moment last forever in our minds. We can hold times dear and not allow what comes later to taint or filter over.

Nothing in life ever stays the same
We are always in a state of transition!
It is the journey and the ever moving wheel of our lives.

Our feelings
Our thoughts
Our relationships
Our health
Our set
Our goals

Are always in a state of flux

But we can soak it all in as we move through.

In truth, as I sit writing this, in a transport on the way home from our little paradise adventure. I am breathing through the fear and vulnerability…


Of what comes next?
I am breathing through my past triggering from past relationships and my controllingΒ  desire to KNOW!!!


But I realize this moment is only here for this moment and in a breath that moment is gone and then there is a new moment.

There lies a choice…

Give into the ego that wants to put up walls, taint beautiful moments, and take the glow and magic out of a truly magical last few days.

Or to busy open my heart and let him, the feelings, and the world in.

To ride this crazy ride.
To hold this man and lean into his touch.
To drop into myself.

And that is what I choose because it only ever leads to expansion and more divine moments!

But the choice in your own life is wholly up to you…

I nor anyone else can make the choice for you.

To recover your life or to leave it behind in shut down and ego.

Choose to…

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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