Make me laugh!

Yes, take my heart and make me laugh so hard that I forget any worries, concerns, or ego need to look put together.

Not the side smile
Not the half laugh
Not the forced giggle
But the unbounded giggle that shakes me open wider.

Make me laugh to the point that I simply let go.

Until I have surrendered enough that I begin to melt under your touch and giggle straight into the sexing.

I want you to touch the points on my body that turn my giggles into pure orgasmic bliss and lead me to a deeper level of self. A deeper level with you my lover.

If you want to get to my sex you first must make me laugh, then you must make me surrender, until we find ourselves in a mingled mess of limbs…tears..laughter… and thus bliss!

As a woman you have to get me out of my head and into my body and heart. You have to turn me on in all ways.

Then and only then can you stroke my body into overwhelming sensation. Only then can you truly penetrate me at a level that you have never penetrated a woman.

Maybe not every time is it about the laugh but… providing not just the space to surrender but the tools of the heart and patience is a requirement.

You MUST get the feminine into her heart to really tune into any deeper level of her sexuality. The type of sexing that leaves minds blown. The type of sex where the orgasms are cycling in rapid repetition.

It’s about the heart. It’s about the laughter. It’s about the releasing.

Make your woman giggle. Make her feel safe. And then arouse her in any and every way possible.

You can thank me for the amazing sex later!

Light, Love, & Blessings,

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