You write it down
You visualize it
You talk as if it is already here
Yet it’s not…
That thing.
You know that thing!
It’s the relationship, the career, the love, the travel, and so often the financial abundance.

You look at your current reality and that thing you have been opening yourself to receive still isn’t in the present moment.
So I ask…
Are you making it too complex?
When we have our eyes set on something then often we throw a million different specifics into the equation.
Ex: We don’t just want a loving relationship but instead, it must come as a person who is…..
6 ft tall
Brown hair
Blue eyes
No children
Never married
Age 40-47
Makes 7 figures
Owns his own company
Into Open Relationships
3 Tattoos
First had sex at age 17years 5 months, 2days, and 12hrs
Has an egg-shaped birthmark on his left butt cheek
Lol, you get my point that we get really specific on our desires.
We want them the way we want them or oftentimes not at all.
Now, I think it can be important to journal out specifically what you are wanting to manifest in your life. Writing down specifics not only will bring clarity but it also can get you revved up for all the juiciness coming your way!
But are you beating it to death?
If we are so focused on our specifics then we aren’t openly manifesting but instead controlling. Controlling will only move us further away from our desires.
Also at times, we are sending out too many specifics at one time to the Universe then we ruin it. Not that the Universe can’t do specifics because it can but we soil it with our belief systems.
Let’s take the example of money…
You want to manifest $5,000!
Awesome…and so it is!
Your belief systems are aligned and the Universe is sending it to you as we speak.
Universe has it all set for:
Your best friend to gift you with $2,000, and a rebate check from something you purchased for $1,000 to come in the mail, and you are going to land a new client for another $2,000.
Then you start throwing in specifics.
You want it to come through your new business
And you want it to come from this specific avenue of your business.
And it must come all from one place
And please come as cash in hand (preferably $100 bills)
Houston we have a problem!!!
You don’t have the aligned belief system yet towards manifesting in that area of your business and so that belief system begins to muddy the water. And you don’t have the belief in your gut that you are worthy of receiving it all in one place. Muddy, muddy, and even muddier.
So your vibe kills the manifestation because you get caught up on the HOW.
Instead of just getting swept away by the FEELING!
Stepping into the sensation of how amazing it will be to have your desire in your grasp and the true expansiveness and child-like excitement bubbling up in your gut.
Instead of imagining and seeing a million yummy possibilities and letting the Universe do its thing… you control. You put your nose where it doesn’t belong in the how!
Again, specifics can be fun but we too often get focused solely on them and squeeze all the magic out.
When you focus more on the feeling and yes visualize but not attach too much to the nitty gritty then the Universe is able to provide what is most aligned and the best possible outcome to you!
Tune into the feelings & sensations and watch how your life starts to expand just how you desired!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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