🔥 “You don’t love me… you’re just being manipulative!”
🔥 “How dare you love me like that.
You must be trying to get something… or maybe trick me.
🔥 “Your love should make sense! ”
Beware, too much love towards others is considered wrong these days.
The second we step into loving someone unconditionally or learn to step out of a self-centered viewpoint to help others, we open ourselves up to criticism, assumption, and a skewing of actions.
😔Over the last few years, I’ve seen the distrust in relationships grow exponentially. As our society has become less relationship-focused and more “me” focused, people’s abilities to truly receive has decreased and mistrust has gone through the roof.
Even a mistrust in love. 💜💚

If you look at society today we are labeling anything and everything.
We are pathologizing things that are normal human behaviors….
We are even creating new terms (gaslighting, love bombing, benching, etc.)
And while these are legit, unhealthy and abusive tactics in relationships and love.
Times that these things are damaging and dangerous to the human psyche.
Lately I’m seeing more times that people are doing more damage in their love and relationships by wrongly labeling and judging. Putting someone’s behaviors into an unhealthy and abusive box.
🛑🛑(Small Addison Soapbox: FYI- Narcissism, Bipolar, Psychosis, are REAL diagnosable conditions. NOT something to be thrown around lightly and tossed on everybody that stirs you or has a difference of opinion. Stop trying to diagnose your fellow human unless you are actually qualified to diagnose such conditions! If you’re not qualified then get someone on board that IS qualified to help.
I can’t open FB or Instagram these days and not see someone calling someone else a narcissist. This has become a rampant Zeitgeist recently in the spiritual community that gets under my skin as a licensed clinician. This is a serious mental health diagnosis. AND often times its a lack of personal ego and awareness of ones self that leads to these misguided labels) 🛑🛑
There is an avoidance of diving deeper into another’s experience and overall laziness in relationships. It’s easier to label something negative rather than trying to know someone’s actions at a deeper level. Or to potentially look at your action or inaction and take responsibility for your own creation of the situation.
Even actions of love and care! 🔥
Easier for us to deal with the negative than have to look within at our insecurities and wounding. 😔
The mistrust has made us ‘kill’ first and then ask questions later in regards to love.
Any act… no matter how loving, caring, wholehearted CAN be turned dark in our human minds.
We bitch and complain when we aren’t being loved on enough but the second others love us “too much” or try to think outside of themselves, we assume there is some level of master manipulation.
Someone can’t just care!
They must be trying to manipulate our minds.
They must be trying to get us into bed.
They must be trying to make us ‘owe’ them something
It’s sad… not just for the person opening their heart space. 🙏
But it is incredibly sad for the individuals that can’t take in love and must label and demean well-meaning intentions. And the majority of us can fall into this category at some point in our lives.
🔥Love is not something that always has a reason or rationale.
🔥Love is an energy and sometimes it just IS.
AND love doesn’t equal romance.
We can love our children, other people’s children, family members, friends of any sex, our neighbors, as well as our romantic partners.
Just recently I had a guy friend reach out to me in my life. Someone I enjoy being around and that can bring a smile to my face just by seeing the name pop up on my phone.
Though, I had to catch myself quickly because one of my initial thoughts was…
“I wonder what he wants”.
When in truth he was simply wanting to connect and send some loving energy my way.
Now, I quickly dropped my wonder about his ‘real intentions’ and had a really nice connection moment with this man. 💜
As I saw it with myself, I also see this pattern of behaviors with my clients, friends, and family. The mistrust has become so strong that we can’t just be and enjoy a moment.
We are labeling things that make our egos uncomfortable or expand our minds.
👉LOVE, CONNECTION, & PLAY are some of the hardest experiences for us as humans to take in because it pushes against our insecurities. The LIGHT is too much to take and so we push it away and vilify it.
🔥Today, I challenge you to look at all your mistrusting energies.
Are you finding yourself constantly labeling people without any inquiry or deeper examination? Tossing or testing love?
Always on the defensive or are you taking in the moment?
Try instead to just BE with someone. Set boundaries that uphold your needs and desires but also check your mindset and how you swirl even the most positive of interactions.
🙏Our judgment of others is only a reflection on ourselves.
So begin loving yourself more simply by removing your judgment/labeling of others.
If you desire the Orgasmic Life, then we must stop pointing fingers outwards and look within.
Addison 💋
👑💋I love to guide beautiful souls like you!
It’s my passion.
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